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Happy Friday Everyone!

>At work… two students introduced me to this video– it made my day, and I only wish I had this ‘routine’ back in the days of the dance party’s in Sager’s Grandma’s Basement!

I hope your Friday is a good one!!

>Happy Friday Thoughts!


It’s been one of those weeks…tonight driving home from work I thought about all the things that I can BE HAPPY about rather than focus on stuff that well doesn’t make me that happy.  So I started a mental list in my head of some ‘Happy Friday Thoughts!”… So here is bunch of these thoughts in no particular order…(my brain is too scrambled to make an orderly thought!)…Some of these thoughts have photos while others do not…so you’ll have to make due with just me describing them!  
My apartment… and the awesome view from the balcony…and it’s showing me that FALL is HERE! 
 the Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH of leaves under your feet as you walk… makes me want to rake a HUGE pile of them.. and jump into them… (hmmm perhaps that should happen this weekend!)

 Another shot of my feet… standing in a bunch of leaves… 😉

 Driving in Milo.. with the sunroof OPEN… sun on the top of my head, breeze blowin my hair… and occasionally when I park I look up and see this sight… blue, blue skies…and trees… (now that makes me smile a bit more!)

 Putting aside my birks, and bringing out my blundstone’s… my old friends… that are quite loved, (worren and cracked soles, missing one of the tags to pull on the right boot…scuffs on the toe…) but so comfy and cozy…fit my feet so well… and I think go with any outfit!! Seriously, I have almost lived in these every fall/winter/early spring since I got them when I lived in Australia ’03-04… (yep–picked them up almost 7 yrs ago now for like $50!)… I even wore them while I lived up north, in Pangnirtung!  I’m thinking that I might need to get a newer-pair of friends…but I think I’ll still keep these ones kicking in the back of my closet!!!

Baby feet… how can one not be happy when they see those teeny, tiny little toes? that are only 3 weeks old?!

 I have been taking a lot of photos lately…shot some family portraits of a co-worker last weekend…It’s all to help build a portfolio adding to my dream of  my ‘own’ thing.. “officially” with photography… and it’s a way I’m keeping myself sane… because some days, I’m not really sure I’m sane anymore! 

The time will come when I have some time to sort out all the details, but for right now… I just get to snuggle new babies, and then take heaps of photos…. and that keeps me happy!

I’m glad I made this list..because it made me focus on the positive not the negative… that dark side was sucking me in–it’s a good thing I was able to escape again!..and I realize that there are many other things that help keep me happy… but this is what I came up with for right now!!! 
What are things that keep you happy and sane during crazy, busy, sad times in your lives??
Have a fantastic weekend!