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>Fun and Funky Kids Hats!!!

>When I was back in Ontario on the May 2-4 weekend I had the opportunity to meet a fellow ‘northern’ blogger!  Lindsay blogs at No Invitation Required… I first started following Lindsay’s blog when we both lived in Nunavut–different communities, but were part of that ‘northern blogging community!’  She now lives with her hubby and two girls in the Hamilton area.  I stopped in for a few hours and met Lindsay… Her husband and adorable girls!!! I probably talked their ears off…but it was nice to talk to others that had lived in the north for way longer than I had! It was nice to meet them…and to pick up my 2 new hats that I bought from Lindsay!

Lindsay has just started a business of making amazing hats for kids, and also adults! Her business is called Fun and Funky Kids Hats… you can find her Facebook page HERE… SOOOO many FUN hats!!!!

I saw this HAT on her Facebook Page and immediately wanted it!!! (It was taken, but Lindsay whipped up a new one for me!) She made it a bit longer so I can tuck my ears under…

 And the ‘cherry hat’…making my favourite face for ‘self-portraits’ of course…

 You should go check out her ‘baby’ and ‘kid’ hats… they are seriously adorable!!

Thanks so much Lindsay.. it was GREAT to meet you! I hope you enjoy your first summer in Ontario!