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>Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!


I love Mexican food… and today I felt like going to my favourite Burrito place near where I live!  I could be all cool and say that I remembered it was Cinco de Mayo BUT I didn’t… 

 …if you love burritos, and live in Winnipeg then you NEED to check these guys out!  (they are at River and Osbourne–beside the ‘gas station theatre’..address HERE)…

 …of course you need to bring them home to enjoy the end of the day sun…while eating on your balcony!!

 So good… seriously.. You need to try one of these things!!!! (it’s one of my haunts when I don’t feel like cooking!)…

Well I’m off to watch the Canuck Game… it’s 1-1…at the end of the 1st…should be a good game!


Aeroplan benefits…


Normally people collect “air miles” or “aeroplan” points to try to get enough for a flight to take them away somewhere on vacation… honestly, this was my intention too…but then something else happened!!! 
But first let me backtrack a bit…. 
I remember the first time I used a ‘kitchen aid’ mixer.  I was 20 and doing a nanny gig in the spring time… and used one to make cookies with the kids… and I knew that I wanted one from that very day, then I realized how they were a bit out of my then student budget!
Fast forward to the middle of March where I got an email from Aeroplan showing ‘new’ additions to the rewards you can get… and guess what? There was a KITCHEN AID MIXER, and I had the EXACT right AMOUNT of points…I think this was from all the flights I did in 2009 while living in Nunavut that really helped me seal the deal! (so I did what any other sane person that has been lusting after kitchen aid mixers for over a decade… I made no hesitations and sent in my request for the mixer!)
I had to wait 8 days… and then I came home and sitting in my apartment was THIS box.  *my super decided to let in the UPS guy, and put the package in my I didn’t have to be here to receive it–funny thing is one day later my supers stopped doing this for people!
 My *new* baby!!!! shinny and new… 

 …still need to break it in, and perhaps come up with a name? But then again, not ALL things I own have to have a name… just my car so far–if anyone is keeping track!

 I had to move aside my old mixer, that was a gift from a co-worker when I arrived in the ‘peg…but there’s a mixer in town….(no hard feelings old guy!) On March 26th I made my first brownies with my new Kitchen Aid!!!

 I quickly added all the ingredients for my famous fudgey brownies–been making them since elementary school!

 Oh… look at the mixing… in like 2 mins it was DONE!

All in all.. I was a VERY happy with my new mixer… I can’t wait to explore and do other things, like make bread dough… and gingerbread cookies at Christmas… so many possibilities!!!
I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship… 
*just in case you were wondering the first 3 photos were taken with my Hipstamatic App on my iPhone!*

Queen of the Hill…


Just found these photos from my phone that I took at the end of last week…

They are pretty weird photos… just snow piles around the parking lot at work.But they have a bit more meaning to me than that!  But early last week every morning and night as I walked past these snow piles… my mind slipped back into the past…and memories of recess at my public school…

That’s when a pile of snow would transform into anything we wanted it to… Often it became a test of who could race to the top of the hill…and then stay… Oh the games of king/queen of the hill..
Other times it wasn’t as violent… but more a spot to stop and create steps, and/or caves in the side of the huge hill…and get lost in the fantasy world my friends and I would create… 
On Friday, it was way warm.. (around +2C) and the snow banks were starting to diminish in size… I took these photos… wishing that I had taken the time earlier in the week to RUN up to the top of the hill. It would have been better because the snow would have been still solid—because of the crazy cold temps!  Maybe next big snow… I’ll be going out there, and reaching the top…perhaps I might even shout… I’m the Queen of the Hill…of course just for old times sake! 


>Milo’s new bling…


Yep, Monday I got his snow tires on! 

So that means the other four all season tires with rims…
have a new home sitting in plastic bags on my balcony…
Hmmmm in the summer that’s going to be so fun!!!
At least they can be stacked!?

>Does this look like me?

>Last night, I went to a work party which celebrated the diverse group of people I work with… It was a fun night with great music and food (once it got to our table!)… Some of the acts were “Sher-E-Punjab” which was an Indian Bhangra Dance group… so much fun!  “Ca Claque”…which brought in some of the Franco-Manitoban culture into the mix… (the fiddle always makes me want to dance, break out the spoons and you so know it’s a party!) Then there was some greetings from various people who were hosting the event.  Then some more music…from “Caimiro Nhusi Band” which was a drumming group from various parts in Africia… and that was also so much fun!  To end off the evening there was a little bit of latin flare… with the “Cubanisimo” latin dancers… and then “Papa Mambo” which is a Latin Jazz Ensemble…  I was pretty tired after a crazy week, but I’m glad I decided to go… it was worth it! 

While there I also had my caricature drawn…. I had only ever had it done once before..(and it really wasn’t that nice of one done!) There’s a bit of a back story, when I started two of my co-workers have this really cool caricature on their office door–of themselves… and I was like.. that’s so cool, I want one! 

Well last night I got one… (I don’t think it will go on my office door…but I think it might find it’s way into my ‘cozy corner office’ onto my book shelf..) 

Here is Tom Andrich hard at work… (by the end of the night, I’m sure he did tons of these…I had mine done early on in the evening..) Here is his website

Yes, that’s me… it was so weird having to sit and have some study my face, being a photographer it’s so wierd being the ‘subject’…
Here’s a shot of me last weekend from a mini-shoot I did…
photo by Ryan Bealer
The end result… but the question is, does it REALLY look like me?

…my answer is a little bit YES, and a little bit NO!!! (but isn’t that what caricatures are all about?!)
It was a great night.. and I’m glad that I have this reminder of it!