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Long weekend updates…

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually ‘blogged’ something with words…so here it goes, some random thoughts from the Monday of the Long Weekend!…

Early last week I broke out my hat and mittens.  I finally got to wear my hat that Lindsay from Fun & Funky Kids Hats made me. You should so go check out her hats–most are ‘kids-sized’ but she will make adults sizes too!  I also broke out my “Newbie-in-the-North” Travel Mug…and have been enjoying some Hot Chocolate on the go! I have been slowly breaking the habit of grabbing my old blundstones… and wearing the new ones.  It’s a process…my feet don’t really like ‘new’ leather–or the breaking in process!  I guess it just takes time to break them in…and once that process is over… my feet will be a HAPPY camper! Moving can sort of be like breaking in a new pair of shoes, at first everything seems different, a bit tight…and doesn’t quite fit the way your old place fits… but as you slowly break into the new surroundings you realize that the new place is way better! A lot of people have asked me, “What do you do up there for fun?”… my response has always been–normal random every day kind of stuff? It’s a hard question to answer…because I do a lot of the same things I do when I live in the south.  (Minus the texting,eating in restaurants, having in coffee shops etc…) I think anywhere you live you find stuff to do (in the south or the north)…whether it’s a hike/walk up the mountain, or chilling in pjs all day–watching movies, or tv…or rediscovering hobbies because you suddenly have time to do them!

Life is what you make of it, no matter where you live! Its been refreshing and exciting for me to be able to have the TIME to do some of the hobbies and things I’ve loved forever–but never had the time to do any of them.  Perhaps it’s just getting priorities straight..and making time for things you want to do–and then letting it happen!

One of the things that is always a fun thing to do… is get together with friends for a ‘food-related-kind-of-gathering’…Yesterday I went to a brunch with friends..  Awesome food… and even better company!  I made a loaf of bread (yep, just in the bread machine–I figured out how to program my machine to wake up to FRESH bread in the morning, but the loaf was a bit smaller than normal so might have to re-try that!?)  There was bacon, sausage, pancakes, crepes (with nutella in them!), fruit, quiche, german cheesecake…AND…(wait for it…)

….CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON… don’t knock it until you try it… it’s seriously good! *but not something I’d eat on a regular basis….and perhaps just had two small pieces! (this came out of a conversation at work about crazy foods that are served at the Ex…and well one thing lead to another, and someone decided to make it…thanks so much because I’m not sure I’d have tried chocolate and bacon together under my own initiative!) I started knitting first when I was a kid, and then created my first project about 6 years ago… when I lived in the north in 2009 I did a lot of knitting…I did a bit while I was living in Winnipeg…and I might have just picked back up the needles… and I’ve met someone that lives here that is also a knitter…She might have started me thinking about how I should ‘branch’ out and start knitting something bigger than a hat or baby sweater… we’ll see how that goes, I’ll keep you posted…in the meantime it was awesome to get together last night with a fellow knitter and another friend just to have company and catch up!
One of the crazy-last-minute-things-I-did-in-Winnipeg take in my sewing machine that wouldn’t work in for a tune up…(I left it last minute, then BEGGED the guy to get it done before I moved north, and ended up driving over to pick it up a few hours before my packers came!)  I can’t remember a time that I haven’t been able to sew.  My mum, my Gramma and my Gramma B (great-grandma) all have been known to have sewing projects on the go over the years.  I watched them, and played around with a sewing machine for a lot of my growing up years!  Today I broke out my sewing machine… and patched a pair of pants… (highly exciting I know–but necessary!) I”m not sure I did it the ‘proper’ way–I kind of winged it…and I’m sure my Gramma (who is the SUPERSTAR patcher might have some thing to say about my job, BUT it’s done..and it works).

I can’t wait to see what other projects I create with this machine~  perhaps it’s time to figure out how make a quilt!  So there you go, that’s how I spend some of my time on this past long weekend-with friends and doing some fun hobbies…

I hope you had a fabulous weekend as well, doing what made you happy!