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Feel the Inukness

This weekend I came across this video on Facebook.  It was created in Nunavut’s capital Iqaluit.  You can totally see the influence Scottish Whalers have had on music and dance!  It made me smile… then waking up on Monday morning I found out that a fire had destroyed a whole row of townhouses in Iqaluit.

Sunday night there was a tragic fire that destroyed a whole row of townhouses in Iqaluit. The people living in most of these houses were students at Nunavut Arctic College.  In the face of a tragedy like this…I’m reminded that Nunavut is just a small town, one big community.  Everyone is pulling together to donate items for the families and children left homeless.

The radio and newspapers have  talked of the outpouring of donations this morning.  There are enough clothes and parkas and boots, but many other items are still needed.  If you want to give something but not sure how to help…Red Cross is taking donations.  You can call the Red Cross donation line 1-800-418-1111 & request your donation be made to the “current Iqaluit response”.   First Air and Canadian North are also accepting donations that will be flown up to Iqaluit.

Taking off…

Yup, I’m travelling… should be a quick trip in and out of Iqaluit… (but that all depends on weather!) I may or may not blog, depends if I get any inspiration…or what I’ll get up to! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Talk to you on the ‘flip-side’!