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Aeroplan benefits…


Normally people collect “air miles” or “aeroplan” points to try to get enough for a flight to take them away somewhere on vacation… honestly, this was my intention too…but then something else happened!!! 
But first let me backtrack a bit…. 
I remember the first time I used a ‘kitchen aid’ mixer.  I was 20 and doing a nanny gig in the spring time… and used one to make cookies with the kids… and I knew that I wanted one from that very day, then I realized how they were a bit out of my then student budget!
Fast forward to the middle of March where I got an email from Aeroplan showing ‘new’ additions to the rewards you can get… and guess what? There was a KITCHEN AID MIXER, and I had the EXACT right AMOUNT of points…I think this was from all the flights I did in 2009 while living in Nunavut that really helped me seal the deal! (so I did what any other sane person that has been lusting after kitchen aid mixers for over a decade… I made no hesitations and sent in my request for the mixer!)
I had to wait 8 days… and then I came home and sitting in my apartment was THIS box.  *my super decided to let in the UPS guy, and put the package in my I didn’t have to be here to receive it–funny thing is one day later my supers stopped doing this for people!
 My *new* baby!!!! shinny and new… 

 …still need to break it in, and perhaps come up with a name? But then again, not ALL things I own have to have a name… just my car so far–if anyone is keeping track!

 I had to move aside my old mixer, that was a gift from a co-worker when I arrived in the ‘peg…but there’s a mixer in town….(no hard feelings old guy!) On March 26th I made my first brownies with my new Kitchen Aid!!!

 I quickly added all the ingredients for my famous fudgey brownies–been making them since elementary school!

 Oh… look at the mixing… in like 2 mins it was DONE!

All in all.. I was a VERY happy with my new mixer… I can’t wait to explore and do other things, like make bread dough… and gingerbread cookies at Christmas… so many possibilities!!!
I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship… 
*just in case you were wondering the first 3 photos were taken with my Hipstamatic App on my iPhone!*