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>…driving and driving and driving and MORE driving!

>..I stayed at the BEST place in Wawa.  If you ever happen to be driving along Highway 17 and need a place to stay… STOP at the Northern Lights Motel & Breakfast!!  I was told about this place by a co-worker.. and if I needed a place to stop along the way, in Wawa.. to stay here.  I wasn’t disapointed! 

The owners before getting into the motel buisness were comedy writers… the room was FILLED with ‘funny’ things… and posters/sticky notes… helpful hints… (quite fun!)… and there was EVEN a PIRATE DUCKY… (apparently they knew that I was a pirate and made sure I had that in my room!)
Here are some of the funny signs/extra helpful things… to make my stay more comfortable!!!

..Pirate Ducky.. complete with a ‘ducky’ nest!!! (that’s some mad skills!)

A little bit of ‘reading’ material on the back of the bathroom door…
(the sign at the top said, “Hey there you look bored…How about a little Wawa Trivia!?”
This was a sign on the chair… “If you would like your room filled with mosquitoes, Please use this chair to prop open your door!”  And nothings spells welcome like HI written with TOOTH PICKS!! 😉

Then the next morning, after a crazy sleep listening to ‘big trucks’ whizz by on the highway, and rain fall on the roof… I got up for my ‘free’ breakfast… and the options were ENDLESS… muffins, bagels, toast, cereal, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, juice, milk, tea, coffee… fruit… SO GOOD!! 🙂

Plus the ‘breakfast’ room… was pretty snazzy as well!!… here are some of the photos of that!!

SEE all those “WONDERFUL” choices!?
It’s no wonder that this place won the Travelor’s Choice award for 2010!!
(if you want to stay.. you really should make a reservation!)
Milo and I both HIGHLY recommend it!!!
My first stop the day was just down the road… I had to go see the Goose…
(but also found this little gem.. sitting in front of the visitor centre!)
The rain had stopped…but there was tons of mist/fog on the lake… so I didn’t stop long… The last time I was in Wawa, looking at this goose… I thought it was the BIGGEST thing EVER…but well I suppose my 12 year old brain remembers things a bit differently than looking at it as a 30 year old gal!!! (it wasn’t so big!!) But still kind of cool to visit… apparently Wawa has a “goose retirement fund” going on… I think this is to ‘replace’ the current goose…But I’m not 100% sure!
I think the best part of my drive was from Wawa to the Sault Ste. Marie… the VIEWS rocked, and having mist and fog over the hills and trees… was awesome… I didn’t take many photos today.. partly because I just wanted to get to Haliburton…
(I was tired…and as much as I loved Milo.. I was SO READY to not be sitting in him!) 
I did stop at “Katherine’s Cove”..partly because of the name of this place.. (being my mum’s name and all I thought I should stop and walked down to the water…
(I think on the way home… if it’s hot I’ll swim here!)
This family was from Quebec… (didn’t talk to them..but that was the only van in the parking lot.. with Quebec plates…so they must be from there!)
The path to the parking lot…
Back in the car… and apparently I had to PEE really badly again… so stopped at the “Pancake something Park”…. (the nice summer youth staff working let me quickly park and pee… without paying anything!!)  And this was the view of the lake from just outside the outhouse!
The rest of the day was pretty un-eventful… I stopped in Sault Ste. Marie, at a timmies for some chili lunch… and then again for some hot chocolate in Esponla… Talking to the young teenage boy at the counter.. he thought I was a ‘rock’ star for driving from Winnipeg all the way there.. in like 36hours.. because in his words… “dude, that’s a long, long, long, ways away…”  I just smiled and said, “uh huh… it sure is!”…
I was going to stop at the “big nickel” in Sudbury.. but well to be honest.. I didn’t know where it was.. and I think I by-passed the city on the highway.. and didn’t want to get off and ask for directions.. and well I really wanted to get OUT of the CAR and STOP driving… on the way back.. I will remedy this.. and there will be photos of the “big nickel”…
I was VERY excited when I saw this sign….
See that ‘haze’ in the photo… it was SO MUGGY/HUMID…
I had issues with my Milos’ windows for a part of the drive, you see…
Milo was all COOL like inside.. and well outside was so hot… my inside windows started having MAJOR condensation… SO I figured out the problem.. and well made it warmer inside the car.. to match the outside temps!!
Finally at 8:36pm I arrived at my mum’s house… and well was greeted by my mum.. and a SWARM of mozzies… 🙂
Stats on the Trip
Departure: Wawa, Ontario 9:03am (EST)
Arrival: Haliburton, Ontario 8:37pm(EST)
Total Hours on the Road: 11 hours 34mins
KMs: (today): 867.9km
KMs: (total) 2, 041.7km
Animals Spotted:
Mother duck and her babies
I was pretty excited to be at my mum’s… even though she doesn’t have internet AND my cell signal is spotty.. sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t!!! (it’s nice to be out of range… sometimes.. that is!)

>Driving…. and driving…. and driving… plus more driving?!


Day One: Winnipeg to Wawa
I’m not one to make plans set in stone.. I knew I was leaving today…but really didn’t have much of a plan…(that might make some people insane-but I like the flexiblity!) I knew I was heading EAST, whether I stop on the other side of Thunder Bay, or get to Wawa.. I really didn’t know… I was just playing it easy!! I got up UBER early for me.. (my alarm went off at 6:40am and showered, packed up the last of the essentials, had something to eat… walked to my car)… So here’s Milo.. all packed and ready to go!! (he’s parked at a friend’s house..because I don’t have parking right now..bc of construction!)
Yes, you are lucky blog readers to get this wonderful “morning” shot of me…
 it was taken at 7:37am (Central) … (hopefully I didn’t scare anyone!!)
Milo has never been to Ontario before.. so he asked me to take a photo of him..
(yes, at some point Milo started answering back to things I was telling him!! hehehee)
My first gas stop was in Vermillion Bay… I knew that Gas prices had risen due to the STUPID err HST but it still was a shock that I had to fill up… at this PRICE… (as the day wore on.. this actually was the cheapest I found the rest of the day!!!)…
It makes me chuckle that ‘southern’ Canadians have embraced and used Inuit Symbols and they are EVERYWHERE… (I passed SO many ‘inuksuks’ piled on top of rock cuts… it made me wonder.. do people in the south realize that they are for marking a path? or for locating a cache of food? or a grave marker?)
Vermillion Bay also had this wonderful ‘beautiful’ er.. ‘interesting’ sculpture…
And if the front view wasn’t enough… I HAD to show you the view from the behind… YIKES! I hope I don’t have nightmares!!!
(Maybe that’s why he’s so angry…because his BUTT cheeks are hanging out there for the WORLD to see!!)
Yes, at some point I crossed into Eastern Standard Time… and I realized that my ’13hours’ of driving time just became 14 hours! lol
Kakabeka Falls, I almost didn’t take a photo… something has changed since I was here last.. (when I was 12 years old).. aparently now you have to ‘pay’ for PARKING.. because it’s a “provincial” park… Which is cool… I understand that they need money for stuff… (and I would have paid… if there was an option for a 15min ticket or a 30min one…) Because literally ALL I wanted to do was STRETCH my legs, walk the 100m to the look out… take a photo.. walk back to my car and well get on with it!! I did do this.. but I ran the ‘risk’ of getting a $30 fine!!! (I’m a risk taker…)
Here’s the ‘list’ of parking fees…. I was so NOT paying $5.25 for 2 hours… just for a 5min look at the falls… (maybe next time I’ll pay and bring a picnic or something…) But they need to do a ‘shorter’ and ‘cheaper’ option for those ‘5min’ visitors like ME!!!
Driving thru Thunder Bay was fun… most of it was under construction… I was looking forward to getting some ‘cell’ service… (dont’ worry I had planned to stop for something to eat— txt some people to let them know WHERE I was… perhaps update Facebook…and then get back in my car and con’t to drive)…I kept looking at my phone.. and it didn’t have a single… later I realized that I should have turned it OFF and ON… because after loosing a signal iPhones sometimes can’t FIND it when it’s BACK again… (next time I’ll know!!) 
***DISCLAIMER–ALL photos were taken when I was NOT driving… but SITTING at a RED LIGHT; or waiting for the person to ‘flip’ the sign to SLOW, rather than STOP–most times my car was in neutral and my E-brake was on… (I know how DANGEROUS it is to DRIVE and take PHOTOS.. so don’t worry I DON’T do it!!) end of DISCLAIMER***
At least as I waited I could sit in my AC in my car.. and look at how “hawt” it was outside! 😉
Sleeping Giant in the background… taken at the Terry Fox Tribute!! (it was such a HOT day!) 
Terry Fox… I ‘member being here before… when I was 12… and taking photos.. I so need to find where those are!!
The next gas fill up… (just after the Terry Fox Stop)… this price isn’t so “Sunny”… at $1.169/L!!
While waiting for my turn to go along a construction zone… I took this photo… I luckily didn’t see a MOOSE… (Milo told me he’s really scared of them.. and I agree.. we dont’ really want to see any).. but there are TONS of signs.. talking about how they are ‘out’ there… and there’s “NIGHT” danger etc…
I think I was at this stop for like 15mins… yahoo for CONSTRUCTION!
(at least it means the roads are nice for now–until the winter freeze and melt buckles them again!!?)
This photo has a funny story to it… I was somewhere between Thunder Bay and Nipigon… (not much between those places)… I was driving along the edge of Lake Superior (so pretty!)… and every once and awhile there was a “picnic” stop… with a garbage can and a spot to park off to the side of the road… It wa s a good spot to stretch my legs!!
…The view was nice…
A photo snapped while waiting at a construction flag thingy… (this was before Marathon)
Yes, I got a photo of the ‘flagger’ (is that what they are called?)… the sun was in his eyes… and I thought the photo was well too good to NOT take!! [and well he made us sit there for 25mins… so what else was I suppose to do… other than sing along to some awesome tunes… in my ‘key’ of Sarah.. (and yes I did do that too!)]
Pretty Bridge…
I had dinner in White River… about 8pm..
Perhaps I’ll have to come back on the 3rd weekend of August to go to the Winnie the Pooh Fesitival…
 (I’m not really sure what one would do at a fesitival like this?!)…
This is where the ‘bear’ was found… and named after Winnipeg.. (Winnie for short) then taken all the way to England… (there’s more to the story.. but my brain has slowly started to shut down!!)…google it if you want want more info! LOL
I made it to Wawa tonight at 9:03pm (EST)… the place I’m staying is HILARIOUS.. I’ll have to update you all about that experience tomorrow!! 😉 
One thing I didn’t mention.. I had a couple of friends give me mixed CDs for my trip.. with new music.. (thank you.. because you saved me from Listening to BACKSTREET BOYS on the LOCAL radio!!)…When I entered Dryden… one of Conni’s mixed CDs was playing.. it was ‘classic’.. thanks Justin Timerlake for your song “Sexy Back” it made my drive through Dryden SO MUCH BETTER!!! I totally brought some ‘sexy’ dance moves and singing through Dryden today!!
The STATS of the Trip so far:
Departure: Winnipeg, Manitoba 7:40am (Central)
Arrival: Wawa, Ontario 9:03pm (Eastern)
Total Hours on the Road: 13 hours and 17mins (but with the time change–14 hours and 17mins!)
Total KMs: 1,173.8km so far!
Animals Spotted:
Fox (before the Ontario boarder)
Deer (dead–and also before the Ontario Boarder)
Black bear cub-ran across the road somewhere north of Lake Superior!
That’s all I have to tell you from the road… Who knows what tomorrow will bring? perhaps I’ll be sleeping at my mum’s on a bunk bed tomorrow… or maybe I’ll find another adventure to keep me ..on the road again!