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Exploring Manitoba’s Interlake…

My journey began early on Sunday Morning… I got up and headed to Clandaboye to spend the day with Conni aka my MB Mum!  She had offered to tour me around the “Interlake Region”..or her backyard!  I was pretty excited, because I had heard lots of amazing things about Gimli and Winnipeg Beach and couldn’t wait to find the Viking Statue…but I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Our first stop was at a beach just south of Winnipeg Beach… and Conni wanted me to ‘experience’ one of the “piers” along Lake Winnipeg…

..should I take the risk?

I'm off to the challenge... (little did I know how scary it would be!)

Conni even with her fear of the water did walk out to the end of the pier with me… after all I am her ‘adopted daughter’!

(I have no fear of water, but some of heights–it was an interesting trip out! especially meeting a group on the walk out that were returning to the shore…and well it had been repaired–but some of those boards really sagged!!)

Once out at the end of the Pier… the Village of Dunnottar gave us this nice warning!

It was too scary umm COLD for me to try to walk down the stairs to get my toes wet!!!  Instead Conni and I took some fab photos in the wind!!!

It was ‘crazy’ windy… and every time we jumped back in the car… we had to try to make our hair behave–only to step out and let the wind mess it all up again!

These ‘piers’ make a pretty cool photo…and are pretty neat that they are maintained each year and kept along the shores as a link to the past~  although with crazy with high water levels-it has made them quite dangerous!

To get to the where we parked we had to cross a rail road track… coming back to the car I saw this sign… Conni assured me that there were rarely any trains coming!

Our next stop was at Winnipeg Beach… where a long time ago had a roller coaster and amusement park right by the lake!

There has been a huge problem here with erosion and the beach and part of the board walk is eroding back into the lake!

We walked along the board walk–enjoying the sunshine!  Conni and I left her house to ‘escape’ the Grand Prix in Montreal…but when we got to Winnipeg Beach there was a car show… and much to Conni’s amusement… I took my time to looked at  all the cars.. and make comments about them too!

Then we headed into “Playland”…

The sign use to have light bulbs and I could imagine it all shining in day and night!  (I’m good a pretending and imagining!)

…it was a pretty fun place!

Some of the posters that were on the wall…

Conni found a ‘Grand Prix” game… apparently today she couldn’t quite escape race cars!!!!

I was upset that I couldn’t go on the pony…. my MB Mum said I was too old!!

Around this time we spotted the ‘scary’ clown… now I understand that NOT all clowns are SCARY, or CREEPY might be a better word.. but LOOK at this guy!? (If clowns creep you out you might want to scroll past FAST! hehehe)

If that wasn’t enough… above him was the following poster….

I told Conni that perhaps our “brief encounter” at Playland should come to a close…. she laughed and agreed.. and we walked out that door!! (Speaking of doors… take a look at those doors… they are pretty cool.. and old school, I like it!)

We walked over to this other place that had THIS, being a tourist for the day–I had to pose by the photo…. (it’s good to have photos by ‘signs’ so that you remember where one has travelled later after you have returned home!)

Pretty cool sculpture…Now this photo might need a bit of explanation.. so bare with me.. as I give it to you–whether you want it or not!  I totally laughed out loud.. when I saw the ‘speed bumps’  in the middle of the road.. (on all sides of the crazy-intersection)…Apparently it use to be a kind of ‘free-for-all’ type of intersection–cars/trucks/people doing what they pleased… So… Winnipeg Beach… put these handy dandy little ‘dividers’ up so that cars can’t decide to go where-ever they wanted to go..but instead had to go to the stop sign and STOP and then make a left hand turn… (you know, obeying the basic rules of the road) I think that’s why I thought it was so funny… Anyways… I went out into the street and squatted down… (I’m a tourist so it’s ok.. and as a tourist you can take silly photos…) While doing this I think Conni took a photo of me—and by the end we both were laughing a bit more! But I did get my photo of the crazy dividers on the road… Does anyone know what they are called?! And that was the end of my visit at Winnipeg Beach!

Next it was off to Gimli… we decided it was time to have lunch…

We both had the “Gyros” and “fries”… and I had a chocolate shake with REAL ice cream!! mmmm mmm GOOD!

Then we decided to head down to the lake and walk along the boardwalk…. I’m not 100% sure what this is called… but along this wall (which makes a ‘safe’ harbour place for boats to anchor)…but the Gimli Art Club paints paintings along the wall… (another co-worker’s mother has a few of her paintings still on the wall…) it’s a really neat idea!

It also provides a place to fish from… and well hang out… enjoy a nice summer’s afternoon! 

Made me ‘almost’ wish I had a fishing rod to join in…. and just chill and seize the moment!  Almost… but writing this reminds me I DO need to go shopping for a fishing rod~

Tercesen’s Store.. I think EVERY community NEEDS one of these stores… filled with a hodge-podge of awesome amazing things!! This store has been owned and run by the SAME family since it opened… inside (I couldn’t take any photos) there was an original tin ceiling, and the floor had squeaked as you watched over them…. pretty awesome store, you NEED to check it out if you get to Gimli!!!

The clothing made me wish I was a Size 10 so that I could shop–very trending awesome stuff!  It has a bit of everything… from BOOKS to kitchen stuff to clothes to HATS!  I walked away with a Children’s Book about living in the prairies and the HAT you see in some of the photos!  (I LOVE a good hat!)… Mmmmm chocolate!!! I *think* this was a “Rodgers” chocolate from B.C…. I got a chocolate-chocolate one… Conni had one with Coffee filled chocolate… It was sooooo good!  Like it FILLED me up… I almost couldn’t finish this little piece… (it was so filling!) I know I’ll be craving it as my ‘new’ favourite chocolate and want to eat as many as possible!!!  Thanks for the introduction… now I will just need to figure out how to get them once I move… any suggestions? hehehe  We ate these chocolates on a lovely bench… (it might have been sticky from the sap of a tree, and it might have faced a truck parked along the sidewalk…but all I remember is the lovely breeze and the water in the distance… remember I’m quite good at pretending!)

After striking out at the two of the more ‘touristy’ shops… (they were closed) I finally saw the “viking”… this was my ONE request of the day to see the Viking (I’m lucky I got to see so much more than this!) If you want to know more about GIMLI and why it all started and WHY there’s a Viking there… then go check THIS site!!

Of course… there had to be a photo shot with the Viking…

Conni waiting for me to take my photos… so we could do a ‘group’ shot!! The self-portrait that worked!!!(the other one we cut off the head of the Viking–)Then I took a few photos with Mr. Viking….

One weekend in the spring and one  weekend in the fall different artists in the “interlake” open up their studios and there is a ‘ wave tour’ to go around and visit them, and buy things! This year was the 10th Anniversary of starting this traditions… Conni and  I went to a few different spots… and one of the first stops of the day was also the LAST stop of the day!  I fell in love with this paper art… One of the things I’ve done is get art from various places I’ve lived… so I can have every-day reminders of where I’ve been at my house!  I found my Manitoba art…

Milli is the artist… you can read more about her HERE… Something about her story and her art truly touched me!  Milli has been able to show many people over the years that having an extra chromosome (Down syndrome) and autism should not limit your abilities.. the SKY is the LIMIT!!

Milli with "Pushing Up Daisies"

I love this… with wild daisies from the prairies… and homemade paper!  Us together in Milli’s studio and future house!

Just when I thought my visit and tour of the “interlake” was done… Conni took me to ONE more spot… and I’m so glad she did!!

We went to “Netley Resort and Campground”… I think staying here is on my bucket list.. something that has to be done at some point in my life! Here’s the entrance to the Campground…. It’s a friendly place eh? Has a feeling of well security knowing you’d be ‘locked-in’ for certain hours… Just one of the campsites… it was a place basicly of campers and well ‘established’ campsites…

Thanks for that tour… I’ll always remember it!!

Conni also played photographer… she helped me take the following photos… I’m sooo excited and thankful!  I had this idea of what I wanted in my brain… and before Ryan deserted me and went out west he was suppose to take some shots with me, but that didn’t happen…

But Conni she rocked my camera.. and I’m so thankful for these shots!!

…and they are even more special because they were taken on YOUR road!!!

Thanks again for sharing  a bit more of the province with me!! 🙂

>New Directions….



[ad-ven-cher]  noun, verb, -tured, -tur·ing.



an exciting or very unusual experience.

participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: thespirit of adventure.

a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action ofuncertain outcome.

If you know me you know I love a good adventure… and I’m about to embark on a new one…  

In mid-July I will be moving… heading back to a community that has not been far from my heart since leaving at the end of 2009… Don’t get me wrong I will miss Winnipeg as it has begun to FINALLY feel like home! I have made some amazing friends and had some amazing experiences here… and memories to keep forever! And believe you me in the next few weeks I’ll be adding on MORE experiences and memories to my Winnipeg memory bank! 🙂 
As a rule I don’t talk about my employment or what ‘job’ I do… if you know me, and want to know contact me privately and I’d be happy to share this information with you privately!  
Have you guessed where I’m going? 
Does this look familiar?
I’m heading back to Pangnirtung, Nunavut!  I’m excited and can’t wait… for the next chapter of my Nunavumiut Story to begin!  
Canadian North plane leaving for Qik…
In the meantime I have a lot of planning, packing and sorting to do!!!  As well as finishing up my current job!! 🙂 
I can’t wait to bring you all along on this adventure with me… I will continue to blog, and have been working on a new site and will post it here when it’s ready to view! 
On a sad note… I need to sell Milo!  Anyone need a car? SERIOUSLY contact me ASAP!!! 
Hope everyone is enjoying the FANTASTIC spring weather Winnipeg has been having the past few days!! Go have a picnic or take a walk or bike ride!!  

>Venturing north of the Perimeter (part 2!)


Sunday afternoon, I ventured north of the perimeter yet again… (I know you are saying to yourself.. that’s TWICE in one weekend!)..I headed up to Stonewall to Boostra Farms to check out their corn maze! I’ve never ever been in a corn maze… and well wanted to check it out.. to see what it was like! In two weeks they start their ‘Haunted Maze’ where they have spooky people dressing up to scare you… (also you can go at night… I think I want to try this..but will have to take a flashlight.. because I’m afraid of ‘moving in the darkness’–that’s a long story for another time!)…
Here is a pick from the sky of what the 2010 Corn Maze looks like… (I’m still not sure how it is ‘cut’…to make it look like a photo… it’s a mystery… perhaps the people that make ‘crop circles’ also make corn mazes on the side? who knows!)

 And every maze needs some rules….

 Sometimes a girl has to walk the corn maze… like she’d walk a runway in a high-fashion shoot.. don’t ask.. it’s just the rules of the corn maze!!!

 …and YES there was CORN in the MAZE… (on the STALKS!) another ‘first’ for this city gal!

 At one point all these little black birds… went CRAZY and started flying over our heads… diving, and trying to stay in flight in the crazy wind that was happening…. and well it was a pretty cool shot!

At the corner of the maze is a GIANT hay-bale pyramid… of course I climbed to the top!! and then was invaded by SMALL children from ALL sides… (kind of funny-apparently I’m just a big kid!!)

 Here’s a shot of me at the top… while kids, climbed and jumped off all sides!! These bales were ‘monster’ bales!  (and there was one more layer of bales on the bottom!)

 Yep, a bit of kid in me…. as I JUMP!!!

 We went back into the corn maze to see if we could find all 16 of these letters on stakes to solve a puzzle… (I must admit after wandering around for another 45mins to an hour… we gave up.. after finding like 6 of them!)

…I might have broken the rule about going off the path to get this photo… (but some rules are meant to be broken!)

 and a quick snap of Brianne.. who shared this adventure with me!!!

And then we headed over to the ‘little kid’ hay maze.. (made out of the ginormous hay bales again)…the really cool thing was.. not only could you go around on the INSIDE.. you could also run/jump over the tops of the bales… oh ya… that was a fun thing!!

 1, 2, 3…. JUMP!!!

There was a small petting zoo…. and you could feed the animals….

 Cute little goat….

 …something tells me these animals get lots of lov’n…

 This was the smallest pony/horse I’ve seen in my life… it was like the size of a large dog!  had BIG eyes… and was pretty darn cute… just walking around…. eating grass… outside of the petting zoo!

It was another great afternoon… driving back to my house… I started to think, for a minute… perhaps Winnipeg is slowly starting to become my city… a city where I feel like a belong!
It’s really, really hard living so far away from family and long time friends…(I won’t lie, and I also know it’s my choice… I’m the adventurer…I’m the one that LIKES to explore new places… it’s true, but sometimes I just wish that I lived a ‘bit’ closer to Ontario)… 
The past two weekends there have been two weddings I would have loved to be at…. My cousin Leanne’s and my friend Krista (who we have known each other since kindergarten–that’s like 25yrs people.. that’s some history!)…And thanksgiving is coming this next weekend….I could just sit and complain about how life in Ontario keeps on roll’n while I’m living my life in Manitoba…(but I don’t want to do that…)
For the most part, I’m loving my life here in Winnipeg.. and I don’t think I want to change a single bit of it, as hard as some moments might be… there are some truly amazing beautiful moments too.. with new friendships that are being made, families that are opening up their homes to me and well almost ‘adopt’ me… It takes time to get ‘settled’ in a new city… someone told me once it takes 2-3years… well I’m 9months in so have a bit farther to go!
So life is good, and some days are hard.. but others like today aren’t… you have to take the sad days with the happy ones… and hope that the happy moments and memories you make will get you through the next sad patch… hmmm and that’s my 2cents for today!

>It was time…


…for me to find a hair stylist in Winnipeg!
(for the last 17months I’ve been still going to Toronto to see my amazing stylist Maddy… even though I wasn’t living there..I tried to convince her to move to the ‘peg..but well that wasn’t quite possible!)  
Exhibit A: (…love the ‘brassy’ blond my hair turned after a summer in the sun!Overall the last time my hair had seen colour was in March when I was in Ontario for my friends’ wedding.. and it was red, with fire engine red highlights…)  
Exhibit B: (in the chair today..bad lightening…so you really can’t see all the LIGHT ends.. and DARK roots poppin’ through.. it wasn’t quite ‘trailer’ trash..but darn it was getting mighty close!)
I was leaving the office today I asked a co-worker, Anne,  where she went… and then called on the spot for an appointment! Yup, I had time.. and well my hair was telling me it was time.. I best get it done!
HairFX is a cool, cool spot!  James was my stylist…and he totally got that I was a girl in a new city.. that had to break up with her stylist..(but didn’t really want to..).. He listened as I explained how I got a horrible dye job when I was 23 and didn’t even let Maddie dye my hair til AFTER a year of her cutting my hair… (and he was like, “wow, I feel honoured” and I said, “ummmm do you see my hair?! I have no choice dude!”  Because  I’m not headin’ back to TO til Christmas and well that hair couldn’t wait…  A bonus is that this place is in my neighbourhood too!!
I jumped off that cliff… AND trusted James… well… I’m so, SO, so THRILLED I did!!!!
After Shoot… back to my roots… o’natural… (man it feels good!)… but a bit weird there’s not red.. when I look in the mirror, instead brown with some chocolate brown chunks! 
Now I suppose this means I really do need to invest in a straightener…perhaps a Christmas gift!?
Thank You…
…Anne for pointing me in the direction of HairFX!
…the team at HairFX for making a girl feel a bit more at home in her new city!! (If any reader in Winnipeg goes to HairFX tell them I sent you!)
…and James–for listening and doing an amazing colour and cut!! I will be back, because I think I’ve found a Winnipeg Hair Stylist I can trust!! Great job!
*all the photos except for the first one were taken by me with my iPhone…


>Well, I keep wondering how long it will take me to get a PHOTO License for the province of Manitoba.  I’ve been at this process since January 19th… one would have assumed by now I’d have my new photo license, which I’ve been told is an ‘enhanced’ license.  i.e) one that is only ONE piece..(kind of like the Ontario ones I’ve had since I got my license when I was 16..Manitoba is JUST now this YEAR moving forward to ‘one’ piece licenses! 

I talked about my struggles in this POST  that was in April.. when I thought I had recieved my LAST temporary ‘written’ license… well folks… I’ve been back to those ‘friendly auto-pack’ people… (which can’t do anything without calling the Gov’t people in charge.) and spent an HOUR and a HALF waiting bc my temporary license was about to expire, I had not had my ‘photo’ license mailed to me.. and the apparently my account was cancelled.  Yes, that’s right… after visiting in April to get my latest ‘extension’ on my license… the computer didn’t see that they had recieved my photo.. and decided I didn’t want a license and well CANCELLED my application.  (because the computer decided I hadn’t submitted what it wanted..) It took like an HOUR and a HALF of the person on the other side of the phone to A) figure out what the problem was and B) correct it…

This means, I’m on my FOURTH temporary license here in Manitoba… it expires on July 15th..(almost 6months to the day when I started trying to get a Manitoba license..) My question is seriously? if they thought I didn’t want a Manitoba license.. why would they cancel it when they TOOK MY ONTARIO one!? because it was still VALID!!!!!!! argh… crazy maker I think! When I finally get my license I’m writing a few letters to the MLA in charge.. because frankly this has been a silly ordeal!!!

I’m taking bets… do you think I’ll get the photo license before then!? or will I go for a FIFTH temporary one? I’m kind of digging the hand written piece of paper I have for a license… I’ll keep you posted!!

Send me a comment…with the DAY you think I will RECIEVE it in the mail… and the person that has a guess close enough to the actual day I recieve it in the mail… WILL get a PRIZE!!

P.S. I have gone on to recently get a Manitoba Health Card–it’s a piece of paper, seriously, no photo… I went in gave them my details, and they printed one off for me.. within like 5mins… now I just have to find a doctor…