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>Dear Blog,

Yes, I still remember you… and I’m sorry we haven’t been spending much quality time together lately.  April has been a very busy month.  I was sick for the first 2 weeks of the month–which kind of put a downer on my blogging. I had a quick whirl wind weekend tour to visit friends and family in Ontario… and then this Easter Long weekend–where I have spent the days recharging my batteries, and starting to feel like I have my groove back!!! I also have had a lot going on professionally as well as personally… that I’m sure you will hear all about at some point in time!

It’s weird after NOT blogging for so long… it’s kind of hard to get back into the swing of things again.  But don’t you worry…I do have some stories to tell, some from the last 8 weeks AND some more recent ones as well.. so stay tuned because they are some good ones!

I also have some exciting changes ahead for you blog…as soon as I wrap my head around the ‘technical’ changes… and figure out formatting issues… I’m sure the updates will dazzle any of our readers that we still have and if we don’t have any readers… I totally know that I will be excited, as will my mum and gramma!

Have no fear, I am back… and I do have stories to tell!

Sarah on the Road Again…