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>Go Moose Go!

>If you are a friend on Facebook… you will have noticed I’ve been going to a lot of the Moose games lately… this is because of two reasons.  The first being that I enjoy watching a game of hockey… the second reason is on Thanksgiving weekend my cousin moved to town…and is playing on the Moose right now!  It’s been so fun to go to the games and cheer for him and the team! 

 …a between periods game… really really funny to watch…and looks like it would be a lot of fun to run around the ice in a ‘giant’ puck! I’d so love to do that!!

iPhone self portrait…Go Moose Go!!!

Its been awesome having my cousin in town… because of that I’ve gotten some visitors too! My cousin’s girlfriend was out for a weekend, that was neat to watch the game and have some girl chat!! Then my aunt and uncle, and two more cousins came out for a weekend… it was fun  visit with them and be able to show  my apartment to family!  I’m sure that there might be more family that is coming out! 
But for now… I’ll just enjoy going to the games, watching my cousin do what he really loves to do!

>Stars on Ice…

>On Thursday morning I was driving into work and on the radio they were talking about how “Stars on Ice” was here that evening at the MTS Centre at 7pm.  It made me think back to the first time I saw the “Stars on Ice” performance–20 years ago, for my birthday gift I went with my Mum and her friend Barb (my choice to bring a friend).. to Peterborough, Ontario.  I had been a skater for years…and being able to see KURT BROWNING up close and personal…well it was a dream come true for any skater to see an ‘idol’ skate.  I still remember when he did a backflip in front of us, and ice flew up into the stands!  (yes, those were the days that he was still doing those!).  Fast forward a few years, while living in Toronto…I got tickets for a few other ‘stars on ice shows’!  My mum and went to see the performance where Andrea Bocelli sang live, and then again when the Barenaked Ladies sang live.. and the other performance we saw was the “Stars on Ice” that was Brian Orser’s final show.  All were pretty awesome to get the chance to see! 

I went to work… and found out one my co-workers, sister and mum were going to the performance.  At 4pm just before I left I wondered out loud…I wonder how much the tickets are… another co-worker went online to Ticketmaster… and well I got myself a ticket..and off I went! 

This performance featured: Kurt Browning, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, Jeffery Buttle, Joanne Rochette, Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, and Cynthia Phaneuf!!…
The skating was amazing.. and I was able to get a few photos…but mostly just took in the performance! At intermission I looked around–and two rows down on the other side of the stairs was my co-worker, sister and mum, what a small world eh!?
Here are some of my photos!!
Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon…they have such incredible beauty, grace and lifts!!!
Jamie Sale and David Pelletier…they were pretty awesome too… Jamie fell at one point–missed David’s hand…the rest of the performance was interesting.. the looks between this married couple!  But in the end the rest of the number was perfect!! They also have all kinds of crazy lifts and tricks up their sleeves!!

Joanne Rochette…was amazing!  The strength this woman has…wow… so beautiful!
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir…they did some ‘fun’ numbers… a ballerina and a ‘tough’ hockey player… pretty funny… but also had some pretty cool ‘tricks’ for ice dancers… u can see how they totally got the GOLD in Vancouver!
And then there was Kurt Browning… what can I say?! He can still rock the skates!  He did one whole performance in a pair of ‘hockey’ skates….and yes, he still can do all that crazy footwork in those skates–without picks!  
It was an awesome evening… only thing that would have made it perfect was my mum sitting beside me…but well sometimes you cant’ get EVERYTHING you want!! Cheers!