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you come across a problem that you need to solve.  Tonight’s had to do with ice-cream.  More specifically how I was going to get that last bit of the ice-cream, out of the carton without getting my hand all sticky-gooey?
This was quite the problem… and made me feel quite sad… I had a really busy day, and NEEDED that ice-cream as a late almost bedtime snack!  (note: ice-cream does not usually = late bed time snack; just on rare occasions, this is not a nightly ritual!)

please disregard the black circles under my eyes!

 When I was a kid growing up… there was a SIMPLE solution to this problem! I’d sneak into my mum’s china cabinet… pull open the silver ware drawer… and grab one of the fancy extra LONG handled spoons… (I call them ICE CREAM SPOONS–but I think they have another more proper name..) These spoons were PERFECT for digging out the end-of-the-carton-ice-cream without making your hand a sticky-gooey-mess… AND had the bonus of no BOWL to wash after! Sadly, I do not own a china cabinet…or the proud owner of ICE CREAM SPOONS… so I had to do some problem solving, yep… I can be a GOOD problem solver, when I put my mind to it. 

You just have to grab your kitchen scissors… and cut off the box… let’s face it at this point you KNOW you will finish off that last bit… so WHY not cut off the bottom, grab your spoon….

 Volia! you have solved the problem of how to reach that ‘unreachable’ ice cream that was stuck in the bottom of the carton… AND you don’t have to even wash up a dish, minus a normal spoon….

 These two facts alone put that smile on my face……

So there you have it… I can be a problem solver if I need to be… nothing will keep me from getting my ice-cream…and I don’t even have sticky hands after it’s done!
In other exciting news… I’m in a bit of a ‘count-down’… only 7 more sleeps till my Mum is in town!!! I can’t wait, I’m glad she’s decided to come vacation in February in tropical Winnipeg!  (Although today the high was -2C and this weekend it’s suppose to stay ‘warm’…but I’m sure by next week we’ll be back to those seasonal temps…. of minus a bazillion… make your snot freeze when you walk from the car to your house—(bring it on! I actually like that!)

>Happy Birthday, Mum!


You know how to rock a Party HAT! 🙂

Hope you have a fantastic birthday!! 🙂
Never stop laughing…
I luv you,

>Happy Mother’s Day!!


To all the Mum’s out there..
I wish you a HAPPY DAY…
that you will have much love, appreciation today and EVERY day
for all the wonderful things you do for your families!!
Dear Mum…
Hope you have a fantastic day today…here I am living far away on yet another Mother’s Day… I mailed you a card…so watch for it in the mail…but just wanted to give you a ‘special’ post on the ‘old’ blog! Here’s a series of ‘gifts’ I got for you..but the only catch is you’ll have to come back to visit Winnipeg for them! 
Some tulips for you!
I picked up a little bit ‘real-estate’ in Winnipeg for you…
outside of your new digs… is a bench (and we all know how much you enjoy a nice bench!)
It’s a bit small…but not far from where I live!!!
It even has a ‘great’ security system because it’s in a ‘gated’ community..
Your new house isn’t far away from my new house…
you see the cost of buying you a house.. made me relocate too…
but well it’s nice and cosy, and has a lot of nice fresh air!
Does this view look familiar to you mum?!
I even found some ‘pansies’ for you…
I’m glad you were the kind of mum that supported me to make decisions about my life, and let me go where my heart lead..even though sometimes it’s far, far away…but even then…you still luv and support me!
…from your visit at Easter!
I luv you…hope you have an awesome day!!! 
You are the BEST MUM in the WORLD! glad that no matter where I go… you are still only a phone call away
Can’t wait to see you for a MONTH in July….
luv from your only daughter,

>Stars on Ice…

>On Thursday morning I was driving into work and on the radio they were talking about how “Stars on Ice” was here that evening at the MTS Centre at 7pm.  It made me think back to the first time I saw the “Stars on Ice” performance–20 years ago, for my birthday gift I went with my Mum and her friend Barb (my choice to bring a friend).. to Peterborough, Ontario.  I had been a skater for years…and being able to see KURT BROWNING up close and personal…well it was a dream come true for any skater to see an ‘idol’ skate.  I still remember when he did a backflip in front of us, and ice flew up into the stands!  (yes, those were the days that he was still doing those!).  Fast forward a few years, while living in Toronto…I got tickets for a few other ‘stars on ice shows’!  My mum and went to see the performance where Andrea Bocelli sang live, and then again when the Barenaked Ladies sang live.. and the other performance we saw was the “Stars on Ice” that was Brian Orser’s final show.  All were pretty awesome to get the chance to see! 

I went to work… and found out one my co-workers, sister and mum were going to the performance.  At 4pm just before I left I wondered out loud…I wonder how much the tickets are… another co-worker went online to Ticketmaster… and well I got myself a ticket..and off I went! 

This performance featured: Kurt Browning, Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, Jeffery Buttle, Joanne Rochette, Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, and Cynthia Phaneuf!!…
The skating was amazing.. and I was able to get a few photos…but mostly just took in the performance! At intermission I looked around–and two rows down on the other side of the stairs was my co-worker, sister and mum, what a small world eh!?
Here are some of my photos!!
Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon…they have such incredible beauty, grace and lifts!!!
Jamie Sale and David Pelletier…they were pretty awesome too… Jamie fell at one point–missed David’s hand…the rest of the performance was interesting.. the looks between this married couple!  But in the end the rest of the number was perfect!! They also have all kinds of crazy lifts and tricks up their sleeves!!

Joanne Rochette…was amazing!  The strength this woman has…wow… so beautiful!
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir…they did some ‘fun’ numbers… a ballerina and a ‘tough’ hockey player… pretty funny… but also had some pretty cool ‘tricks’ for ice dancers… u can see how they totally got the GOLD in Vancouver!
And then there was Kurt Browning… what can I say?! He can still rock the skates!  He did one whole performance in a pair of ‘hockey’ skates….and yes, he still can do all that crazy footwork in those skates–without picks!  
It was an awesome evening… only thing that would have made it perfect was my mum sitting beside me…but well sometimes you cant’ get EVERYTHING you want!! Cheers!

>Exploring Assiniboine Park (a little bit)


Tonight after dinner…I talked my mum into going to Assiniboine Park… we ended up at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.. it was a kind of funny thing… it was just after 6pm…and the sign said the park was ‘closed’ from 6pm to 7am.. and there was a bit FENCE with spikes… so although mum and I walked to some benches… she really didnt’ want to get ‘locked’ in side the park for the night… (but I did manage to take a few photos…)
You can see the big ‘gate’ in the distance….
Here’s mum and I with the “school girl” statue… apparently she didn’t get the memo to look at the camera like we did!!
She was very intent at looking at the gate…so we hustled out of ‘gated’ portion of the park!
I stopped to take a photo of the ‘trumpet statue’….
It was here we found a ‘safe’ bench to sit on…. All the benches were in memory of someone… it kind of reminded me of ‘notting hill’ and the english ‘secret’ gardens… benches are a fun thing to sit on…. (I sat on the Genevieve Cody bench… while mum sat on the George Reid bench)

It got a little silly.. when I suggested we take photos of each other on our ‘benches’…. I’m not sure why… the wind picked up.. and here’s the shot mum took… which is kind of awesome in itself….as she doesn’t like taking photos… and well my camera I think scares her…

Here’s mum on my her bench… we were laughing at this point… because I took a photo of her feet… you see we have an AWESOME cousin.. that likes to take photos of her feet in different places…(it’s quite a cool concept..) so I took the photo of our feet… and I kept saying to her “raise them a little higher…yes that’s it… now flex… ok hold them…” just to see how ‘long’ she’d hold her feet in the air… well yes it was funny at the time..but well maybe not so funny as I type it!  Anyways… that’s why in the photo below mum is laughing!!
And one more photo of MY foot.. and my laughing mum……..
Thanks for flying out Mum… you know a week really isn’t long enough.. maybe I should have listened and let you come for the 10-12days you wanted to come for.. next time we’ll know!!  I luv you.. and I’m so glad you got to see my place, and where I work.. and some of the sites of Winnipeg!!
Safe travels tomorrow… luv ya, Sarah