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Happy 6th Birthday Samuel…

Samuel in honour of your 6th Birthday, I wanted to share with you this A.A. Milne poem…


Samuel, I hope you have a fabulous day…you are one of the most clever 6 year old boys I know!

Here are a few birthday wishes for you… that you never stop making a FUNNY faces!

Another wish is that you never stop smiling…

…one final wish is that you never get too old to play! 

Samuel, I’m glad that we can Skype and talk…it makes you feel so much closer.

When I was writing this post I took some time to look back through photos on my computer and my blog posts of your 4th Birthday and 5th Birthday…I can’t believe how fast 6 years has flown by!  It’s amazing to me how fast you have grown… it really seems like yesterday I was driving to the Lindsay hospital to meet you for the first time.

       I’m proud to be able to call you my nephew, Happy 6th Birthday Samuel!

Luv, Aunt Sarah XOXOXO

Back to School…

Although this year I won’t be heading off to school…as a teacher or student–which is kind of weird for me.  (But honestly I’m kind of glad that I’m not, but then again–I kind of miss the idea of school…perhaps not the essays, but the learning, and social scene etc!) After typing this I just realized that I too might be heading back to school to finish up 2 classes that are required for a Certificate in Adult Ed I was working on… hmmm I guess I should start working on that.

Just because it’s that time of year and because my Facebook home page is full of ‘back-to-school’ news… I thought I’d jump on that bandwagon and send some “Back-to-School” greetings to some people I know heading back!

The first person that jumped into my mind is my nephew, Samuel, who is heading back to school today… heading off to the big world of SK (Senior Kindergarten)!

Dear Samuel, I hope you have a fantastic day… and you have lots of fun with your teacher and classmates!  I can’t wait to hear about school next time we skype!

🙂 luv, Aunt Sarah…

And secondly, I’d like to also send some best-wishes and greetings to my old co-workers at RRC…

To the ECE Crew at RRC,  Hope you also have a FANTASTIC year…wishing you all the best as you start off Term 1& 3!! You are an incredibly talented crew of people…and I’m glad I got to work with you for the 18months that I did!! 🙂

(I grabbed this photo from Facebook–I sent the ‘edible-arrangement’ to everyone a few weeks ago, when they were back at the college prepping classes, and easing back into the work scene after the summer!…)

Hope that everyone that has a child going to school…or is returning to school or is a teacher.. have a fabulous year! Fall in the air… which means winter is around the corner…I’m actually starting to get excited about seeing snow, ok I guess I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself…


Mighty Machines…

Dear Samuel and Benjamin,

Last week when I was walking to the post office to pick up my mail… I took a few photos of the ‘mighty’ machines around the harbour!  I knew you would be in 7th HEAVEN seeing all these huge trucks!  So wanted to make a post of them… just for YOU!!! 🙂

…hope you enjoyed the photos!  I’m sure that you know all the ‘right’ names for these huge mighty machines.  I’m still learning–but think the big dump trucks are called haul trucks.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer, having fun swimming, riding your bikes and fishing! We should have a skype date soon, and talk on the computer…your mum and dad can help set that up!

Luv, Aunt Sarah…

Nephew Love…

Just some ‘quick’ shots of the boys… They had just put on their pjs…so were ‘pretending’ to sleep! 
…showing me their ‘stinky’ feet!!
Hope you have a fantastic time camping… and enjoy the rest of your summer… I’ll see you at Christmas… luv, Aunt Sarah!! 🙂

>Catch up from the end of the May 2-4 Weekend!…


One thing I’ve noticed lately… is life just keeps on moving, and as much as you want it to SLOW down…it keeps on moving and here is the end of May…when I feel like I just started this month yesterday!!!… I’m trying to learn to enjoy the moments–and seize on EVERY opportunity because you never know when the next one comes up! (hence a whirl-wind weekend in Ontario)… I do know that I have the tendency to overbook and keep my life jam packed with activity… partly because I feel energized with people around, and activities to go to… BUT lately I think it’s time to SLOW it down a bit!!! 
Ok… so where was I? yes… last weekend…. 
Last weekend I was in Ontario… to see family and friends–but mainly to go to Benjamin’s 3rd Birthday party!  My sis-in-law, Dana.. made this AWESOME AMAZING BEE cake!!! It was the first time that I ate fondant icing–it was actually YUMMY!!! 
One of the things I’ve been adjusting to is life with a MacBook… it’s that thing I’ve wanted forever..and now that I have it–well there have been some FRUSTRATING moments, I won’t lie… some FRUSTRATED txts to friends.. but for the most part me and apple have found my groove!!! Which is pretty awesome~!!
Part of the adjustment/learning that has helped is that I purchased a year’s worth of one-to-one apple tutoring with my new Mac… and because I’m going to be moving away from an apple store in 8 weeks.. (I’ve been going in each week for ‘lessons’) and BOY has it helped!!! (I can also stay after my lessons to work–and USE the FREE internets which is another BONUS!)
Today I learned… lots about Aperature… and learned how to do the following… 
Benjamin was given by Samuel a wheel for their ‘clubhouse’ in the backyard!
Samuel was so excited that they could ‘share’ this wheel!!!
 It’s pretty cool eh? I also learned a pile of more stuff that I can do with editing… the possibilities are endless!!! 
It was soooo good to see my mum!!! and be able to fly back with the curtains she found me, so I’ll be able to block out the 24hour sunlight! 
 My Grandma, Mum and I…. it was great to have us all in one spot together!!! 🙂 
Grandma–the breadmaker made it safe and sound in my suitcase… thanks SOOOO MUCH!! I can’t wait to try it out!!! 🙂 
 I also made two other stops on my trip…
I stopped in Grimsby to meet a fellow blogger, Lindsay and pick up some hats she had made me… (I’ll have to blog about that soon–as they are really cool and I need to get some shots of me in them!!) 
The 2nd stop was to meet Amanda and Ian’s new baby… he’s adorable!!! So sweet… I was happy to be able to cuddle and snuggle and NOT get puked on… (he’s a projectile kind of guy!)… While I was there… I was in more of a conversation mode… and didn’t take many photos!  But here is one that I thought was pretty cool! 
Here is Hayden… soooo adorable!!! 🙂 
Amanda and her boy…. 
It was a great weekend… way too short!  Coming home my flight was 2 hours delays…thanks to Pierson International shutting-down-a-few-runways-for-construction-on-a-long-weekend!  (nope not bitter!)…because I was there so early, (around 8pm and my fight was scheduled for 11:15pm) the West Jet check in lady, gave me a coupon to get into the First Class Lounge at a discount… yes, I still had to pay–but for $22 +HST I had access to a QUIET, AIR CONDITIONED lounge, tons of FOOD–(options from breakfast to dinner and snacks) Drinks–alcoholic as well as pop, juice… plus free wifi… another good choice I made!!! 
I finally made it back to the ‘peg by 12;40am and was in bed by 1:30am!!! again, life keeps on moving–work is busy… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!
The other thing I’m trying to figure out is life without internet and cable at home!  Normally this wouldn’t phase me…but when I woke up this morning it was weird not to watch tv for a bit!  This also means I’ll have to be creative on how I get my blogs done and posted!!! 
**edited to add two photos of Amanda and Hayden!***