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Lights Dancing over Pangnirtung

The northern community is a pretty small one.  Often once you meet someone it’s just a matter of time until you are in the same place at the same time again.  Sometimes it’s in the Iqaluit Airport, or a different community..but trust me you will at some point in time chances are you will run into them again.  A few weeks ago I got an email from Mark.  Mark is  someone I met the summer of 2009 here in Pang.  In 2009, we did 3 different hikes together…one up Mt. Duval, one at the end of the road-past the gravel pit and the last one was out past town towards Cumberland Sound! He’s part of the reason I did so much hiking..and got to see so much around Pang…often he, Kristen and Christine would come knocking on my door on a Saturday morning (not too early) but early enough I was still in my pjs… and sometimes they had woken me up.  But they would just say get ready…today we want to go here..and you are coming! Then they would wait while I got my hiking gear on, threw some food in a pack, and grabbed my camera.  For that I’m really grateful, I have a heap of memories from that summer instead of memories of ‘sleeping in’ or ‘watching tv’!

This week Pangnirtung had the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) team in town and Mark was part of that team.   At some point in the future I will tell you more about the TRC and the public event that I attended..but tonight I’d like to share with you some photos I took with Mark out on the ice!

As with any night photography in the arctic… usually there’s a time that you start to get cold.  Normally you just keep your toes/fingers moving…and stay active and you are OK! In attempts to keep warm I randomly decided to run and flash my flashlight randomly through my long exposure.  The result I think is pretty darn cool…

Playing with light while the Northern Lights Dance!

The lights playing over town… I love that Orion’s Belt can be seen in this photo… One of the amazing thing to me is how different cultures have stories to explain the same star constellations.  I just recently came across the Inuit story to explain the stars in Orion’s Belt..(and a few others around Orion!) It is known as Ullaktut.

I’m going to include the story from “The Arctic Sky – Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend” by: John MacDonald 


A legend relating to the constellation Ullakut – the three stars of Orion’s belt.

In the legend they are known as Ullaktut (the runners). There are three stars, slanted upwards and evenly separated. They are most visible. Directly in front of these stars is a big star with many smaller stars around it. The big star is called Nanurjuk (the polar bear); …the smaller stars are known as the Qimmiit (the dogs).

The three runners-the Ullaktut-came across a polar bear at night and are known to have climbed up to the sky; that is the legend. They are quite visible. They are used for navigational purposes because they are easy to identify. The Ullaktut legend has it that there were three runners…actually there were four of them. They were out hunting and, during the night, they came upon a polar bear. As they were chasing the bear, one of the runners got really hot and took off his mitts. As he ran he dropped his mitts. After a while, this runner noticed he didn’t have his mitts, so he went back for them and that is how he returned to Earth. He was the fourth person. Had he continued after the bear he would have been the fourth star. He was thus the only one of the runners that made it back to camp. That is the legend of the Ullaktut stars.

Lights over Pangnirtung

Mt. Duval.... and lights over my house!

Then I started to take some random photos shining my flashlight at my camera… I stood in the same spot for next two photos but only ‘parts’ of my body were captured in the photo….

What part of my body do you see in the top photo? in the bottom photo? 

I did take some other really fun photos.. with Mark using a flashlight to write messages for his wife! But since those aren’t my messages to pass along…I’ll leave them off the blog! So the last photo I’ll leave you with tonight a little star gazing over the Pang Pass… (probably one of the first ones I took last night!) Every day I can’t help but think I’m so damn lucky to live in such a beautiful place! 

Thanks Mark for an awesome night.  ‘Til the next time we meet… I’m guessing it will be in the Yukon…but you never know where our paths might cross again!

At the End of the Road…

Last night I braved the cold temperatures, with some friends…and headed down to the end of the road.  We were in search of the Northern Lights.  Markus and Mike also came prepared to do some light painting…some of the things used last night were glow sticks, head-lamps, battery operated Christmas lights and even an off camera flash to ‘freeze’ ourselves in the photos!

I had fun taking a photos, but also being a model…and even ended up practicing painting my name in a photo!  All of those photos were taken by Markus and are on his camera.  They looked awesome in his camera, but can’t wait to see them.

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite photos that I took from last night.  My absolute fav was the LAST photo I took before we came back to town.  I had my camera on a 10second timer…just so I could get in the frame. Then stood with a glow stick in each hand and made circles…first at my sides, and then over my head–then put them together in one hand and made a HUGE circle.  While I was doing this.. I had Markus and Mike directing me…and I’m loving the result for my FIRST attempt at light painting with glow sticks!

The lights were out, but the stars really stole the show! 

Aaron and Mike were walking down the road with their lights…(to get in position for their light painting) as I was taking this photo.  But I really liked the random lights streaking through the photo!  

Here’s another shot of the northern lights as they dance over the lights from Pangnirtung.  

It was a fun night.  I managed to ‘remember’ what settings to use on my camera–even though I checked in about them! I also learned how to set the ‘white-balance’ on my camera.

Thanks for the invite.  It was great shooting with you guys again. Every time I learn so much, thanks for being willing to answer my questions.

Hockey Night in Pangnirtung…

Last night, I happened to see this game that was being played… brings back memories of road hockey games with my brothers!

Tonight I have a feeling everyone is inside watching Hockey Night in Canada like me…the weather outside isn’t good for hockey.  It’s been a windy, blustery day–gusting quite a bit, I’m glad I’m safe inside my house!


Let’s go to the Ex…

O.K. if you are like me… who was born in Ontario… the Ex means the “END” of summer, usually running the last two weeks of the summer before school starts, over labour day weekend!  I must admit I’ve only been to the ‘Toronto Ex’ two different years, when I lived there.. hmmm what was I talking about? Oh, Yes! another difference between Manitoba and Ontario… Winnipeg has their “Ex” as the ‘start’ to the summer… This past Thursday night I decided to go check it out with a friend.  They hadn’t been in years, a band that they enjoy were playing at 8pm… so off we went! The following are some of the photos that I took, as I experienced my first Winnipeg “Ex”…

We arrived close at dinner time.. so that was the FIRST big decision… what to eat??  After a look around… we both decided on ‘Smokey’s Tender Beef’…

(I didn’t get a photo of the bun filled with beef..) If you know me… you know that roast beef dinner isn’t really my thing (I’ll eat it to be polite, well usually, but I don’t care for it…) But apparently roast beef sandwiches from “smokey’s” ARE my thing! It was pretty yummy for ‘fair grounds’ grub!

…this was something I split.. hot-potato ‘fries’ but they were like chips.. but they were all one BIG long peel and then deep fried goodness!!! (soooo good…and probably a good thing to just have once a year!) Let’s not forget dessert!! (after some walking around…. we ended up in front of a fudge booth… with SO many choices..but actually BOTH decided on the same kinds and split a 1/2…) Yummy Mint Fudge!!!

Then came the walking around… and at all travelling fairs… we all know the endless game booths with games that are rigged so that winning is impossible.. and in the moment.. (YES, I’m SURE you have been there too!) You decide that you HAVE to have one of those cheesy-carnival stuffies… and make it YOUR ambition to have it happen!

(the well trained carnie will spot this and keep you buying balls, and ‘trading the tiny, ugly stuffy’ to eventually after a bazillion dollars you get the most ‘beautiful’ stuffy that had you STOPPED at this silly darn booth in the first place! (ok… so maybe that little ramble was from experience, or just keen observation while visiting the Winnipeg Ex…just sayin’)

dYes, I’m the proud owned of a ‘Monkey-in-a-banana’ I think now my life is complete!

So, I learnt two things walking away from the booth…

1. I don’t have good aim, and next time at the Carnie-games… I need to NOT do games that require me to pitch baseballs into small holes…

2. Ask the person that you are with… if THEY want to throw your balls, rather than watch you and take photos–because they might be a really good aim! (although then I wouldn’t have had the satisfaction of ‘winning’ my Monkey-in-a-banana for the bargain price that I had to ‘pay’ to have the privilege to try to win it!)

“monkey-in-a-banana” then went on to enjoy various sites at the Ex… and even sat in a fighter jet… I did too of course!! 🙂 

Then there was some more ‘walkin’ around… and seeing what we could see… the Winnipeg Ex is a really good place to check out the latest fashions.. and see what the people are wearing!  (although I’m not going to try any of the fashion that I saw exhibited that night~!)

How much fun would have this been? –the kind that makes you want to scream and hope you don’t have to pee… sadly this was not ME inside this sling-shot-ball-to-the-sun… but was fun watching people do it all the same! Part of the original reason that I ended up at the Ex.. was because Mark wanted to see “My Darkest Days”… and it was a fun concert, and it was really funny seeing them try to keep their banter with the crowd “PG” and appropriate, and in the end… there were a few ‘f-bombs’ that were dropped~!  But I did get some fun shots of the band…

 There was quite a crowd.. that enjoyed the performance… live music is always a good thing!

People watching as always been a fun activity and at a concert… it’s a perfect opportunity to scan the crowds and see what you might see!

And I took a few snaps…

Exhibit A: Very-free-spirited dude, not ashamed to move the way the music lead him...who may or may not have had a few 'adult' beverages~

Exhibit B:There's always a few in the crowd that want to be hoisted onto someone's shoulders and view the concert from way up there! Much to the peoples dismay behind them!

After the concert we headed into another building… and saw some sights… there was a massive colon we walked through…no jokes here—it’s the truth… and well to prove that we did… Mark stood by the sign and then entrance, of the ‘pink’ colon pointing to some haemorrhoids… (the whole building was to promote ‘healthy lifestyles’ and to educated people about dangers and warning signs for colon cancer, so a good thing–but humorous at the same time!)

When we emerged from the building it was getting dark, so we walked around the mid-way… once more.. and I took a few photos!  (I just hand held, and played with shutter speeds…and made due without a tripod! I’m pretty happy with the results!)

After taking a few shots of the GIANT Ferris wheel…. I wanted to go on it… so I got some tickets and then waited in line… Mark either was just as ‘thrilled/excited’ as I was to go on the Ferris wheel and I know he really LOVES his photo being taken! 😉
And the view from the top….

I feel for the two ‘teenagers’ that were in the same ‘bucket’ as us… they probably said what weird “OLD” people… taking photos… and self-portraits of themselves! (but hey… you gotta do it, it’s a way to preserve the memories… I really am NOT shy to take a photo…at all, and have a bunch that now when I look through them I am what was I thinking!!)

Thanks, Winnipeg Ex.. it was a great night, good times were had by all!

P.S. I’m still trying to sort out if I compressed my photos into small enough files–to help with the loading process?..let me know how it loads.. Because I do like to do ‘picture’ heavy posts!

ARGH! WORDPRESS–need to work on my how-to-format-posts!!

Thanks, S

>Winnipeg at Night…


I’m not even sure if I have any readers out there…besides my mum!?  I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve sat and written a post… (well that might be a bit of a lie… I have noticed but have been so crazy that I just haven’t had the time to sit and blog!) Life since Thanksgiving has gotten busy, I finally feel like life is starting to settle down just a bit… (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself there)… I have a BUNCH of photos and stories to share with you from my little ‘bloggin’ break’.. so over the next few days/weeks stay tuned for some fun posts! 
Last Friday night, November 5th… I had the opportunity to go and do some night-street photography.  It’s been awhile since I took my camera out and shot anything for fun…. I was a bit rusty at first… but fairly quickly I got warmed up and I had a blast…and I think I got some cool shots.  Without any further stories, or explanations I’ll give you my photos from that night! 
While I was living in Toronto, I took some photography courses…and the night time photography shoots were my favourite… back then I was shooting film, so didn’t get the instant statsification of looking at the shot immediately after taking it… but Friday night… let me say… I loved the fact I could INSTANTLY see what was wrong, or what ROCKED! 

 I had fun experimenting with my zoom…. and seeing the lights dance across the frame…

 The bridge at night…
 These lights were shooting up from the Forks… not sure what was going on there tonight! 

 Just a hint of something zooming by….

 Kind of like my life… it just keeps happening so fast…that I’m not even stopping enough to be present in the frame… that my friends is about to change!  It’s time to stop and actually be noted in the frame of my life…rather than just passing through and not being fully present.