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Kugluktuk: Night and Day

At the end of last week I was in Kugluktuk, Nunavut for a few days…  I was able to reconnect with Tara, an old friend from Pang who lived there in 2009 too! Tara was one of the people that flew to Iqaluit with me to help celebrate my 30th Birthday-ah good memories! We spent Friday night creating really good food…catching up, and talking about computers, editing photos, cameras and taking photos and random settings! It was a great evening…

Tara is a foodie…in 2009 she had a group of people over to have Korean Food--it was delish!  Turkey dinner at Christmas was also wonderful.  

Tonight was no different…we had a thin crust pizza with brie, parmesan, asparagus and mushrooms..I suggested we added on chilli peppers… it was so good!

Then we also had a fabulous Greek Salad.. mmmm feta and olives!  (yes, so much CHEESE… but so good…but SO MUCH CHEESE!) The second photo is of dessert… it was something Tara heard about on CBC radio. Apples cored then add nutella to core…wrap in pastry.. and bake.  OH so good…  I helped do the coring and filling with nutella part, Tara wrapped them up before the end of the night… 

Around 11:30 I was getting ready to head back to the hotel…when Tara looked out and saw that the light were out! So we got all bundled up–headed to the hotel to grab my tripod…and then back out to shoot the lights!  It was so cold, but at first I didn’t really notice… I managed to get about 2 awesome shots before my camera batteries ran out!

We took this last photo… before we headed inside.  I got back to the hotel at 1am–and we had been out shooting photos since just after midnight! I looked online and grabbed a screen shot of the current weather…no wonder I was cold…shocking!

Saturday morning I talked Tara into going back outside for a ‘quick’ walk… it was still cold low -30s with a colder wind chill factor!  But we did manage to walk around and take some photos of Kugluktuk in the daylight! You can see Tara’s photos HERE! I stayed at the Coppermine Inn a really nice homey place to stay… and AMAZING food!

These bundled up cuties were waiting for their dad to come back from inside the store…(yep–there was an adult that was driving on that sled!) If you look closely at the dog…even they get ‘frosty’ fur/hair!  

All covered in frost… But fun reflections in our sun glasses! Thanks Tara for the wonderful visit… and heading outside to take photos with me–even in the cold temps!

I had a great couple of days in Kugluktuk.  The people are so friendly…I met and had so many people, and had so many great converations..thanks for the wonderful visit.

Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Wednesday I flew from Yellowknife, NWT via Kugluktuk to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut!  It was a clear but crisp day, perfect for landing.  

I stayed in the ‘Green Row’… if you ever visit Cambridge Bay, stay here and you won’t be disappointed. It was the best sleep I’ve ever had while traveling for work- the pillows, duvet and bed were so comfy!  It was so great to get such a good night’s sleep while travelling.  

Shadow photos are so much fun. This one I took while walking home for dinner.  (Work bag in the front…hood up to block the wind…Camara bag in the back, with camera strap hanging down low… makes for a fun photo!)
Here’s a look at some of the random signs… Cambridge Bay has a pedestrian crossing in front of the schools!

Earlier in the week Cambridge Bay had gotten a lot of snow…and then the wind blew even more snow into town. There were some pretty impressive snow drifts in front of buildings!

The first time I heard about someone moving up to Nunavut to live was Anne and that was about 7 years ago. Who is Anne? let me explain a bit. Anne’s mum lived with my mum’s family, while she was finishing high school…and my mum has always thought of her as a big sister.  I have some crazy memories of visiting Anne’s family farm one easter when my brothers had a hockey tournament near there!  When I was in my university I worked a crazy job every spring in a whole-sale-garden-bedding-plants place…for two years I stayed with Anne’s parents while I was working there!  Anne was the one that introduced me to Pride and Prejudice and the BBC version which created my love for Jane Austin.  When Anne moved to Cambridge Bay I remember doing some research and thought to myself–I so want to go visit her there!  Fast-forward to 2012…it happened!

Last night after my meetings I headed over to her house… to catch up and visit!  She introduced me to another AMAZING show.  “Downton Abbey” have you heard about it? We only had time to watch the first hour of part 1, season 1…I’ve heard a bit of about this series, but it doesn’t show on my cable package.  I’m thinking a little online-shopping might be in order!  (Don’t worry mum I’ll get you one of Season 1 too!)


…while on the way to the airport today,  Anne drove me around town and I took a few photos of the views around Cambridge Bay.  The top one… you can hardly see it…but Mt. Pelly is in the background… (follow the power line…it is the white shape along that line in the photo.) The next photo is a view looking towards the Bay… and finally a view at the Bay…
After checking in to the airport…Anne and I drove up to the well as the maintenance base for the area DEW Line sites.  The ‘golf’ balls are pretty ginormous…

Anne it was great to see you again..and glad I got to have a quick visit in Cambridge Bay…let’s not let another 6 years go by until we see each other again!

Feel the Inukness

This weekend I came across this video on Facebook.  It was created in Nunavut’s capital Iqaluit.  You can totally see the influence Scottish Whalers have had on music and dance!  It made me smile… then waking up on Monday morning I found out that a fire had destroyed a whole row of townhouses in Iqaluit.

Sunday night there was a tragic fire that destroyed a whole row of townhouses in Iqaluit. The people living in most of these houses were students at Nunavut Arctic College.  In the face of a tragedy like this…I’m reminded that Nunavut is just a small town, one big community.  Everyone is pulling together to donate items for the families and children left homeless.

The radio and newspapers have  talked of the outpouring of donations this morning.  There are enough clothes and parkas and boots, but many other items are still needed.  If you want to give something but not sure how to help…Red Cross is taking donations.  You can call the Red Cross donation line 1-800-418-1111 & request your donation be made to the “current Iqaluit response”.   First Air and Canadian North are also accepting donations that will be flown up to Iqaluit.

Igloo in Igloolik

On Thursday night during dinner I found out that there was an Igloo beside the high school.  I was pretty excited…because I had never seen on up-close, only in photos and in books! I didn’t go that night–because it was dark, but decided to head over in the morning before my flight left. There is a bit of irony I think that I saw my first Igloo while visiting Igloolik, but I like it!

Friday morning as I left the hotel..the sun was just starting to rise over town.  I think the sun rising and setting are so breathtaking in the Arctic!

I arrived at the Igloo…and took a shot of me outside!  I’m not 100% sure why it was built…but I think it was built to help celebrate the return of the sun festival a few weeks earlier.  Someone did tell me that elders have been going and having tea and making bannock inside.  It was too early in the morning and no one was there when I visited…A look back towards town… the sun still coming up over the town.  Igloolik is lucky because there are no mountains…the sun returns a lot sooner! 

Here you can see the ‘window’ that was made for the living part of the igloo…and also the smoke stack.  Here’s me climbing through the door from the living portion of the Igloo into the porch area.  The porch area had a bench on either side. One side had a bag of seal oil for the qulliq and on the other side were some extra furs.

The middle photo shows the ‘roof’ in the living area of the igloo–this is the 2nd dome.  This Igloo had a canvas lining that was against the snow blocks on the ceiling–they were held up by wooden plugs that were pushed through the snow and then frozen over with water… (you can see these ‘wooden’ place holders on the outside of the igloo in the photo with me standing beside it).  The living portion of the Igloo in the 2nd dome was pretty awesome… you can see the raised sleeping area(back 1/2 of the Igloo)…there was a pile of furs on top of the snow shelf to make it really comfy!  To the left and right of the sleeping area it was set up for cooking… It really was a nice cozy home!

I regretted cleaning out my camera bag before my trip…because I took out my wide angle lens (10-22mm) and well it would have photographed the interior of the igloo so much better!  Isn’t that always life though? When you don’t have something you really wish you had it and when you have it…you never use it?
Here’s the view looking outside from the porch (1st Igloo dome)…Another view from outside… (aren’t self portraits and timers awesome!).  I felt very lucky to to and be able to visit this Igloo–as it was set up like a home, not just a survival shelter! After the quick morning visit at the igloo we returned to the hotel.  On our drive out to the airport we drove past the Inuksuit (the plural of Inuksuk) that stand on the hill overlooking Igloolik…I grabbed a photo of them in the rising sun.  Even though they were waiting for us at the airport, I asked to stop so I could jump out of the van and took these two photos.  It took 30seconds…and I’m so glad I did…because the colours in the sky are amazing and now I have a photo to go along with my memories of Igloolik!

Chill’n in Igloolik

When I lived in Nunavut in 2009 my job required me to do a lot of travel to many communities.  One of the places I visited that year was Igloolik!  I blogged about my visits on “Newbie in the North” if you want to see the Igloolik posts you can click  HERE and HERE.

Today on our way back to have lunch I went on a quick walk with my travel companions to the water’s edge.  It was a quick walk, because it was DARN cold!  It was -32C with a windchill of -41C or so.  Yep, definitely colder than Pang.  I arrived yesterday here in Igloolik for work.

Despite the crazy cold temperatures…I took a few photos.  (Even with double mitts my fingers were cold at the end…however my parka, Pang hat and kamiks kept me toasty warm!) So without further ado… here’s the shots I took on my walk! I’m going to leave my photos to do the talking…

Looking forward to another awesome day here in Igloolik…hope you have a great day as well!