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>losing my Marble…


About a month ago, I arrived to work one day and found THIS card on my desk–(face down)…

I flipped it over and read the following… (well you can read it yourself from the picture!)…  I thought to myself…what is this all about? Here’s some back story…one of my co-workers at a Christmas party was given these cool cards–there was like 50 of them… all with ‘random’ things to do with working in an office.  That day we had a staff meeting and the goal of the meeting was to see how fast everyone could ‘work’ their word into the meeting.  (and no one knew each other’s words!).. It was quite fun…I didn’t get to ‘work’ my office creeper word into a staff meeting UNTIL today! 

In our staff room/entrance to our offices…there is a water cooler, microwave, photocopier/printer, couch… and a coffee table.. on that coffee table there sits the box shown in the photo beside this… it’s a kind of cool box.. and everyone that I work with has put ‘something’ into the little boxes…which makes a pretty cool collection… they were to pick something that represents themselves…. So after weeks of being asked by one of my co-workers.. I finally brought something in… (the two empty spots are for the other two ‘newbies’ to bring something—yes, I still can’t get rid of the nickname ‘newbie‘!)  It’s funny after weeks of being ‘gently’ reminded NO one NOTICED that I had actually brought something in.. NOT even the co-worker who was always asking when we’d bring something in!  (I thought that was pretty funny!)

What did I bring?  Filled the bottom of the container with small blue rocks…to represent all the friends I have… then I picked out seven small marbles–one for each member of my family–mum, two bros, two sister-in-laws, two nephews… and then I added ONE larger marble… (to represent me..not bc I’m the centre of the universe just because…)…A week ago.. while I was having lunch I looked down at the coffee table and well a marble was MISSING… and what one was it? well it was ME…the BIG one…I asked a few people… and no one had seen it… so when I went into the staff meeting today… and was asked if there was anything else to ‘add to the agenda’ I said “I think we have an OFFICE CREEPER!!!” and one of my co-workers had a funny look on my face as I went on to ‘explain’ my missing marble… and how I don’t know where it went… and how no one really noticed I had brought anything…. and her face got really funny(this was the same lady who kept on me for days, and weeks about bringing something in..)… She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.. I’m the one that took your marble”…She needed it for a workshop….and then didnt’ return it..but she couldn’t remember WHERE she had left it… I was ok with that.. at least it was ‘case’ solved… but 1/2 way through this meeting she got up.. and looked in some of the boxes in the storage shelves.. and presented me with my marble… she remembered where she left it! 
So folks, there’s my story… I lost my marble but have found it again!!! (let’s hope that I don’t lose anymore!)

PS. photos taken with my trusty iPhone!