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Friday Night Fun…

It’s awesome to think about all the different ways that fundraisers happen. When I lived in Winnipeg I went to a Bud-Spud-&-Steak Fundraiser a  fundraiser for the graduating class I taught.  I was lucky there winning 2 prize packs!  I have always had a bit of luck on my side.  One of the coolest things I won was a hot-air-balloon-ride for 2 when I was in grade 8…I took my Gramma because she was the one that encouraged me to fill out the contests in grocery stores! It was the COOLEST experience!

Tonight I went to a Loonie Toonie and Cake Walk at the high school.  A loonie-toonie is a fundraiser… that is a really popular way to raise money here in Pang. A couple of weekends ago, there was one done by a local Daycare…I ended up winning some HDMI cords.  (The funny thing was the night before I just ordered one online–so was able to cancel that order because I won the cords!).  Last fall I went to one at the high school and ended up winning a lunch bag…and a knife block–no knives, just the block.  Some of the items can be random, but that’s part of the fun!  Tonight all the money raised went to the Grade 12 for their class trip down south.

So how does it work? Well people in the community donate items…they can be can goods, beauty products, games, kids toys, hand made items-like art or dolls or duffle sock tops…the list goes on and on!  Some items are brand new, others are ‘gently’ used! Sometimes there are big ticket items, two weeks ago there was a brand new iPod…tonight it was Dr Dre headphones.

All the items are put out onto tables… and there’s a plastic bag in front of them.  There’s usually a $1 ticket table and a $2 ticket table…(you buy the tickets at the side…then wander around and put ONE of your tickets into the bag, and you keep the other one!)

There’s were also 50-50 tickets and a special $2 ticket draw for Dr Dre Headphones…(sadly I didn’t win these, I would have looked so cool walking around town with those guys on!) At the far end of the gym there was a cake-walk… this happened while people were buying tickets and putting them in different bags!  What’s a cake-walk? I think you pay $2 to be able to participate.  Then you walk around numbers taped to the floor, to music…and then the music stops–you need to be standing on a number.  If the number pulled is the one you are standing on–you win, and get to pick a cake!  There were some really amazing cakes made tonight…but didn’t get a photo of them!

Part of the fun of a loonie-toonie is helping to raise money for a good cause but also the social aspect…and the gathering of the community!  Tonight it was a blustery, cold night… the doors open at 6pm and then at 7pm the tickets started to be pulled.  It usually takes about an hour to go through all the picking…but as this happens you get to talk with friends!

However, one of the keys is to keep track of your tickets…and listen so that you know if your ticket number is called.  I wasn’t paying attention…and my ticket was pulled…there was a long silence…and I was like what number? and they repeated it and I was like.. “…that’s my ticket!” There was a bit of  teasing from the pay better attention.  I apologized, and felt like a fool…but I still won! So here’s me with my ‘winning’ ticket and my prize in a garbage bag…

What did I win?  I really wanted the package of flower cookie-cutters and never really looked at the rest of the stuff that was part of this package.  Well let me tell you, it was a pretty FUN package of stuff…

  • a pair of ‘one-size-fits-all’ panty hose (hmmm really? I didn’t know that they made a pair that fit EVERY size/shape of women, maybe I might be a tad skeptical!)
  • two amazing cards… one for my mum’s birthday(watch out mum it’s a good one!) and one for ‘Father’s Day’ (hmmm might have to re-gift that one to a loonie-toonie!)…
  • fun butterfly temporary tattoo.  Mum, does that tattoo look like something you were talking about? We can test it out in the summer-but you have to get to your goal before you get your ‘real’ one! hehehehe

I might just jinx myself here, but I’ve been to 3 Loonie-Toonies since I moved back to Pang..and at each one I won one prize.  I suppose that would make me 3-for-3!

Hopefully next time luck will STILL be on my side…

Red Light, Green Light..

Last night when I headed over to a friends to watch a movie… I noticed that my ‘red’ light in front of my house was out.  Let me back up and explain a bit.  There are no water or sewage lines here in Pangnirtung.  Instead every house has a water and sewage holding tank…mine is in the crawl space under the kitchen/bathroom…you can enter this area from my spare room!  There are water trucks and sewage trucks that come around and pump or fill the holding tanks in your house.  I think these drivers have one of the most important jobs here in town!

There are green and red lights are on the front of every house.  If the green light is on–it means your sewage tank is filled, and needs a pump out!  If your sewage tank is full, your house’s water automatically shuts off–so any waste water won’t back up into your house!   The red light is one that should be most of the time…because it lets you know that your water tank is FILLED! When the light is off…you need the water truck to bring you fresh water from the reservoir.

Left photo: Both Lights off Right Top to Bottom: Sewage Truck backing up...Water truck giving me more water...Red light is back on

After waking up this morning,I realized that I needed water to do laundry, shower, dishes etc… So when I saw the water/sewage trucks out and about in my neighbourhood–I called the garage and let them know I needed a pump and a fill!

Now that this has happened I don’t have any excuses I suppose I best put on a load of laundry and finish up  my dishes!


Celebrating the Return of the Sun…

The sun has been peaking over the mountains into town so that we can see it for the last 10days or so.  I’m really enjoying how in the morning it shines on my face every morning for a little while, although it is a tad annoying because it still hits my computer screens making it hard to do work…thank goodness for blinds!

This afternoon Pangnirtung celebrated the Sun’s return…with some games on the fiord! I bundled up with my warm gear and headed down to the fiord. Even though it was around -29C…it was time to go out and celebrate the sun!

It was fun to play with my shadow, it’s been awhile. (also enjoying the low sunlight for the long-lean-shadow!)

Explaining the changes of seasons from dark to light…is hard to do.  If you haven’t lived through 24hr darkness it’s hard to explain. (SIDE NOTE: in Pang we  don’t experience a true 24hour dark period–it’s only about 20hrs…with twilight happening for a few hours on the shortest day.  But the sun doesn’t rise over the mountains surrounding Pang from end of November until mid February).   There is this sense of waking up and pure joy you get when you start to see the sun back in the sky! I was lucky I was in the south, in Ontario, for most of the dark days…but returning to the darkness was just as hard!  I’m not doing a great job explaining…so I’ll let my photos do the talking! I think my self-portrait smile says it all….

People arrived on foot, on skis, on skidoo and  kamotik, and there were a few vehicles that drove out onto the ice too! I walked out…trying not to slip on the icey road in my kamiks! 

My view as I walked through the pack ice. 

Kids playing on the pack ice…that builds up in the tidal flat area along the fiord.  Basically with the tide changes even in the winter…it pushes the ice up into crazy stacking ice formations as the ice cracks!

Here’s a group shot of the some of the people that came out to celebrate the return of the sun… as you can see even some dogs came out to join our celebrations! 

Yep, it’s totally true…when you are celebrating the return of the sun…you need to take as many cheesy self-protraits of yourself basking in the light.  And maybe imagining yourself on a different beach..with a few less layer of clothing! 

The skin tent that was made this past summer… was brought out to be a ‘warm-spot’ and place where tea and bannock were! 

Then there were the games… top left-a dice game…roll a 4 and you are out…until there is only 1 person left! top right- people dressed in various fur clothing! Bottom left- some of the kids did a pyramid! Bottom right- a game of frisbee (that’s the black dot in the sky of the photo) and some skiers off in the distance(the small ant like specs in the background)…

There were three races…one for the women, one for the kids and one for the men-(that’s what the photo below is)…

I participated, I wasn’t the last in the woman’s race…nor was I the first…and I didn’t fall down, even though I was running in my kamiks! 

Waiting for the games to start… 

Traditional fur made Amauti…designed to have an extra ‘pocket’ to so that the woman’s baby is held against the mom’s back.  This little baby slept for most of the celebration but popped out to say hello later! 

It was a fun afternoon… and am so glad the sun is back!  It really makes the -30C days feel a wee bit warmer! Here’s one last photo I took looking towards Mt. Duval.

Hockey Night in Pangnirtung…

Last night, I happened to see this game that was being played… brings back memories of road hockey games with my brothers!

Tonight I have a feeling everyone is inside watching Hockey Night in Canada like me…the weather outside isn’t good for hockey.  It’s been a windy, blustery day–gusting quite a bit, I’m glad I’m safe inside my house!


Brought to you by the letters R* & U*…

As a Ryerson University Grad, you might have been expecting a post about Ryerson University, sorry to  disappoint … but  *R= Rain, Rain Boots, Rain Jacket…. *U= Umbrella-ella-ellas  (only if the wind isn’t too high to blow it inside out…if that is the case, well you just end up looking like a sopping wet mess!)

So if you haven’t already guessed, this past week has been a WET week here in Pang!  Which is really fun when you walk to and from work 4x a day—and it’s a 15min walk!  (although I must admit, I did get a few rides along the way, and sometimes a passing car would stop to pick me up!) Honestly, it wasn’t that bad–I learned a few things though–take a SPARE pair of DRY pants with you to work so you can get out of your soggy crazy jeans… (but that only happened one day…) Moving right along… because of the crazy amount of rain…the Duval river is RUSHING…and other ‘rivers/streams’ have sprung up all over town!  I’m actually kind of glad for NOT driving–bc of the POTHOLEs… (here I thought WINNIPEG was BAD!)’s a bumpy ride for everyone in their vehicles, making some cautious drivers, move along at a snail’s pace… (which I passed walking!)  After getting back into the swing of things, walking is good…before I end up rambling on some more… I’ll give you some photos from the week!

The next few photos were taken on Tuesday, on my way back to work after lunch!

“Oh, Hello sea-lift barge”…

“What? you can only unload a few containers and some of the vehicles”…

“Emergency? you don’t say, Greenland?! Hmmmm this is a bit odd, even for the north!”….

“I suppose I’ll see you next week, and the people have crates will be very happy to see your arrival!”  (my sealift arrives at the end of August…)

It was just enough of a tease for some people in town that were organized enough to get on the FIRST barge of the Season!
Moving right along… another view of the road and the beginnings of the pothole madness… random fact: there are no named roads here in Pang…Yes, I live in a place where the streets have no name! (but I don’t think Bono was talking about Pangnirtung when he made that song!?)
Despite the cloud rolling in…. Pangnirtung takes my breath away!
Crossing the Duval River (since has at least doubled if not tripled the amount of water running–depending on the weather this weekend, I’ll take a photo for you to see)… I was able to catch the cloud/fog roll in and just hover over the houses…
The final 3 photos… were taken tonight…it warmed up today(at one point Environment Canada listed Pang as 20C)–but it’s been windy, and the cloud is not looking so nice…reports of crazy waves, and winds in the Cumberland Sound… I think it’s a good weekend for bunking down—unless the weather changes again!

The first photo taken from my back door… shows Mt. Duval can you believe in 2009 I climbed that thing like 3 times? (seriously, not sure what I was thinking…I guess I was in better shape!?)

The water on the Fiord doesn’t look so happy… there was a wind starting to howl as well…Looking towards Auyuittuq National Park… its a view that I won’t get tired of looking at!

If you wanted to see more about Pang–check out the awesome website for the Hamlet!  The starting page, has an awesome view of the whole community…

Wishing you a super, awesome, fun and safe Long-Weekend!!! Hope you find your own adventures…

Edited to add:

P.S. Just after I hit POST… guess what started? the RAIN!!!