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>Some Days I feel like I’ve moved to a whole Different Country!

>Yes, it’s true…have you ever switched provinces? It’s like moving to a whole new country.  It’s a HUGE pain in the butt… and seriously I’m not sure I ever want to LEAVE Manitoba–once I get all my ‘documents’ Manitobianized.. (yes I just made up a word!)

I’m STILL in the process of getting my Manitoba license…what you might ask!? how after THREE months of living here do you still have a temporary sheet of paper instead of a photo id… well that could take some time and explaining.(and perhaps you dont’ really want to read this…)

I took in the necessary documents into my friendly ‘auto-pac’… two different pieces to prove residency, my old Ontario license and I think that’s it.  They took my photo, took my old license (so all of a sudden I don’t have photo ID except for my passport!) and gave me a ‘printed off’ temporary license.  They told me it should be in the mail within 4-6 weeks.  I asked “if I don’t get it..should I come back in to inquire about it?” they said, “No you should recieve it by March 5th” and then I believed I would after all it was the 2nd week of January. 

I waited, checking the mail.. and nothing comes. So on March 4th I stop by my friendly “Auto-Pac” and was told, “I’m sorry we can’t do anything, the main computers crashed because of a power surge today…and have been offline since… just come back tomorrow.”  On Friday morning, I recieved a call at work.. from those ‘friendly auto-pac’ people… and they had looked into my file, apparently I’m memorable because I dont’ remember giving my name to them the day before, but they had discovered that one of my ‘proofs of residency had been rejected’ and I would have to bring a new one in when I came. 

So I arrived a few hours later, after work.. and they call in and apparently I had ‘missed’ the deadline…(which I had found out about that morning!) After some over-riding they were able to input and forward the required documents. And I left with my SECOND temporary License..(this one was ‘hand-written’..oh yes, very do-it-your-self!)…I did joke and say, “are you sure everything else is ok? is my picture ok? because I’m here… and well I can take another one!?” (maybe I jinxed myself there!? who knows) they assured me no.. don’t worry you’ll get it in 4-6weeks in the mail.

The Friday I headed out to Ontario for the weekend… I got a call from those same “friendly auto-pac” workers…and apparently my photo had been rejected and they requested I come in to take one ASAP.  I explained I was flying to Ontario that day and I’d have to do it when I returned.  I was told I was ok until April 12th.  So then my mum came… and left.. and work happened!!! Saturday the two things I had on my list to do was get a pedi and sort out my photo.  I’m glad I went.  Because there were ‘other complications’ … in Manitoba you renew your license and your car insurance four months AFTER your birthday–so not ON your birthday like in Ontario… So well my birthday is December 13th… hmmm so this complicated getting my photo done, and then ‘updating’ and paying my renewal fees.  Needless to say an HOUR and A HALF later I walked away with my THIRD temporary license (also hand written) with the promise that the permanent one would be in the mail within 4-6weeks.  I’m not really sure if this will be the end to this saga?! who knows…

I haven’t even started to get my Manitobian Health Card yet.. because apparently a requirement is a Manitobian License…. oh the joys!! (shouldn’t switching/moving provinces be a bit easier? after all…it isn’t like I moved to Australia!?)  Thanks for letting me rant!