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30 Day Photography Challenge

Can you believe that it’s October tomorrow? I sure can’t…Time seems to be moving along so darn fast but at times it seems like it’s going so SLOW! Isn’t it funny how time works that way sometimes?  I’m finally feeling better, settling into my new house (will update with a post and photos once I have everything unpacked and organized!)…this has made my life in Pang that much sweeter!  I have a few fun plans this weekend, looking forward to them…

I’ve been thinking I’d love a new project.  I need a push to take photos more regularly with a purpose, and get creative with shots.  So when I saw this 30 Day Photography Challenge I thought it would be a fun idea to try something like this… It’s being hosted over at  Our Wired Lives where you will find a whole list of other bloggers doing the same challenge!

Source: via Merissa on Pinterest via Our Wired Lives

I’m going to be posting my photos from each day once a week on Mondays~Feel free to join along the challenge if you’d like…

Introducing Baby H…

I met the ‘B  Family’ while 2nd shooting Mark and Helen’s wedding… They were also really good friends of Ryan (who is my good friend!)

At the wedding I mentioned how I’d love to do some Maternity and new Baby Photography for them… and about a month later I met with them on a sunny Saturday morning in June.. and shot some amazing maternity portraits… 

It’s hard to believe that these shots were taken just 11days before Baby H arrived!!!

Baby H arrived on June 29th… and I got to meet him when he was just 5 days old!  (so sweet, still so tiny small)… I was in the middle of packing up my apartment, but am so glad I made the time to go over and meet Baby H and take some photos of him, his big bro and Mom!  Big Bro G… wasn’t sure what to think of his new little bro!  He’s 17months old… and still trying to sort out what’s going on… for most of the shoot he’s was pretty serious… but still 100% adorable! These looks might have been about him sitting in the basket..that I put on the kitchen table.. perhaps he just thought I was a bit ‘crazy’!?Two of my favourite shots of the shoot.. that were taken in the last 5mins… sometimes you save the best for the last!  So how does one take a ‘sibling’ shot with a 17month old and a 5 day old?… well you need to make sure that the infant is supported and that the toddler doesn’t run away!  My solution.. was have the 17month old sit in the basket…then put a blanket on his knees (so he can’t get out), then put another blanket on top.. and finally lay down the 5day old! And I made sure someone else could scoop the infant if things got ugly!

Will all that effort, I think the photos turned out well! Hands….small, medium and large!!!
Little toes… and small infants that don’t really want to be naked, but instead all bundled up… Thanks so much ‘B Family’…it was amazing to meet you! Thanks for letting me photograph your family.  I hope someday in the future I can shoot them again!  Hope you are getting the rest you need… and are settling into parenting of 2! Keep in touch!! 🙂 Sarah

>Helen and Mark’s Wedding…

>My photo-friend Ryan… asked me to join him at his friends wedding on May 13… He had been asked to be the ‘official’ photographer, and wanted to know if I could come as his 2nd shooter and date.  Weddings are so much fun, and liked the idea of not being the “official” photographer but still be a shooter at a wedding… so told him I was all in!

I had an awesome day… Helen and Mark’s wedding was so beautiful… the weather that day could have been nicer… it was rainy, wet, cold and at one point looked like it was slushy snow!!! But that was the only downer in the day.

I wanted to post some of my favourites from the day…I’m not going to say much.. as I think the photos speak for themselves! ENJOY! 🙂 S

…at the church…
..standing in the cold and rain… at the Mint! 

…at the Mint… this really cool barn just outside of Winnipeg, on our way to the reception!

 Helen was such a beautiful bride!  
A bit of an artsy shot… 

…wedding party at the Reception Hall…it was a really awesome venue!

 The next two photos remind me of something you’d see in a high fashion ad… I like them!

one of the bridesmaid rested her bouquet in her shoes! 
just a little bit of bling! 🙂 


waiting for the party to begin… (the food was so amazing!)

First dance… 
Helen and Mark thanks for letting me be part of your day! 
All the best as you start your married life together… 

Sneak Peak! Welcome Baby Stella…


In January 2005… (six months after I moved to Toronto)… I decided to join a gym and get healthy…with joining a gym I had a one hour ‘consult’ with a personal trainer… That’s when I met Chantal… at that time I had no clue that we’d become friends… She was such a support as I went back to university to complete a Masters Degree…over the years we have had many laughs… some about things I refused to do while in the gym..(I can be stubborn–who would have thought that!?)… at some point we bonded over our love of chocolate, early morning workouts in the gym.(yes, I grew to love those mornings), reality TV and love of a good story!.. When her 2nd son was born I did some ‘new baby’ shots and family shots… Last summer while I was in Toronto we got together…and I did a impromptu maternity photo shoot!  I wanted to just include a few of those photos… that I never blogged, before showing shots of her new baby!

Chan is so gorgeous…

I remember quickly shooting these shoots in like 15-30mins… because after 15mins in… I got a call I had to go pick up my mum from the dentist!  (so it was speedy fast…but I was able to still get some awesome shots!)

 A quick shot with T…

Chan and her two boys… soon to be BIG brothers!!
In September, Miss Stella was in a hurry to enter this world!  She arrived 5 weeks early and weighed in at 4lbs 1ounce…now she’s hovering around the 8lb mark! She is the cutest thing ever…it is true that ‘good things come in small packages!’  She was born with a cleft lip and palate…and will be having some surgeries through-out 2011..
I haven’t had the opportunity to hang out with too many preemies–(normally babies this size are newborn and are sleepy and not very alert).  That’s not Miss Stella–she had plenty to talk about, she might have just told me a few secrets! 
 “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” — Dr. Seuss (Horton Hears a Who!)

She’s got HUGE feet.. (compared to her teeny tiny legs!)…. But then again… all baby feet are tiny… and so adorable!

A quick shot of the big brother’s feet… (still tiny and adorable!)

 This shot was so funny to get… we had Stella’s big brother’s lie on top of each other–(convince them not to wrestle) then Stella’s dad…held her above… trying to get a shot of the feet—and getting the kids to KEEP them STILL… the end result is pretty cool… but something that definitely was fun in the process! Thanks Chan and T for helping keep everyone safe!!! 😉

Proud Big Brothers…
Sibling LOVE!!!

 By the time we got around to doing the ‘family’ shot… the boys were ready for their ‘rest’ or ‘nap’ time!  L is not looking too pleased, because his Tigger stuffed animal (a new Christmas present)… decided he wanted to take the photo–not be IN the photo… (hence L being a bit sad!)

 Just before the boys went in for their rest time… I did this self portrait in their closet mirror… M thought it was pretty cool!

Chan and T, thanks so much for letting me shoot your family’s photos!  I have a CD ready for you… (this was just the teaser–the CD has about 100 images(both in colour and B&W) so a total of about 200!  I’ll get it in the mail ASAP!) Hope you enjoyed the ‘sneak’ peak…
It was so wonderful to just hang out with you and the kids for the day!  See you next time I’m in the Tdot! 
luv, Sarah


This summer when I was in Ontario I did tons of ‘mini’ photo shoots for friends and family… one of the fun shoots I did was Leanne and David’s engagement shots!Leanne is my second cousin… and I was so excited that I could do this for her and her fiance David! 
Today was their wedding day!!

 The ring….

…just playing around in photoshop…

 Standing at ‘The Pointe’…

 Congrats Leanne and David!!  Hope your day was fabulous… Wishing I was there to celebrate with you… sending you heaps of love, and best wishes from the ‘peg!! Can’t wait to see photos from your day… 

luv, Sarah