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Meet my New Boyfriend…

As I walked to the Post Office this afternoon… I could hear my feet crunch in the snow.  I buried my nose into the fur that was around my cheeks and under my chin…my warm mittens on my hands.  My upper body was so warm-I love my parka!  My toes were toasty in my hiking sneakers… but it was what was left in between my shoes and bottom edge of my parka that wasn’t so toasty!  At about 5mins into my walk, (just over the bridge)…I turned to my co-worker and said, “Just wanted to let you know–I didn’t put long johns on today…and I think I learned my lesson! I can’t feel my legs…I think I need to start wearing them for these post office treks!” He laughed at me as we continued on our way. It was about -15C with a bit of wind chill…

It’s the best time of the day to walk right now in Pang. The sun was setting and all you could see as we walked towards downtown was the pink on the horizon out towards the cumberland sound!  So pretty, almost wish I had brought my camera to capture it (will have to do that another time!)

I was doubtful if there would be any mail for me as I opened up my post office box. (I had gotten my mail on the previous Friday, and I don’t get much!)  But there was a magazine, a couple of bills…and then the notices that you have a parcel waiting!

That’s when I got all excited… a PACKAGE? for ME?! oh My goodness…as I flipped through my mail I realized that there wasn’t 1 or 2….but 3 notices!!!! (and I might have just said that last sentence grinning like it was my first day of summer holidays!)

...look what the I found at the Post Office today!

It was an exciting day in Pangnirtung… I sort of knew about these packages coming…but kind of forgot!  Two of the packages I can’t really talk about–they involve some Christmas surprises!  I must say I am THRILLED with how these surprises turned out, and can’t wait to post, and share after the holidays!

But can you see that BOX at the back? It came from two friends from the ‘peg… Becky and I have known each other since high school.  Her older sister and I were in the same grade…and once I moved to the ‘peg…I got to know Becky better!  Becky introduced me to Stephanie…another fabulous gal!  We hung out a bit this past winter/spring til I left the ‘peg. We ended up going to see a couple of live bands together, and they even took me to ‘the Pal’ before I left the ‘peg!  Oh those are some fun memories…I’ve searched my photo archives and there is only 1 photo of all three of us together..and well Captain Morgan as well!

Stephanie, Captain Morgan, Becky and I…

hmmmm where was I? Oh yes, I was explaining who Becky and Stephanie are… and how they sent me some CARE from the south.  It was my first care package after arriving here in Pang!!! I almost opened it up when I got back to work…but then decided I should take it home and open it there.  (That and all the tape, I needed my Swiss Army knife just to get into it!).  So there sat the box for the rest of day on my desk…taunting me…but good things come to those who wait?)

I opened it up… and found a wide assortment of things! In the letter than Becky and Stephanie sent me they said, “That they would be terribly hurt if I didn’t blog about every specific item in this package” Followed by a “LOL and a J/K”… so they requested it… here’s the list in no particular order.. of stuff from inside the box..

  • A new container of hot chocolate (this was really timely bc I only have enough to fill up  my travel mug tomorrow am, and in all my planning of a sealift–I forgot to put hot chocolate on the list!)…
  • There was some Chai Tea…mmmmm so good!
  • A red velvet cake mix… I think this stems from a Facebook conversation about me asking what ‘red velvet’ cake was..and both of them astonished that I had never had red-velvet-cake! (I’ll let you know how it turns out!)
  • There was two slices of a homemade nut bread? (Not sure..but guessing it was from Becky’s kitchen)… I checked both pieces out to make sure they were still good to eat! and they were DELISH!  Thanks Becky!
Then there were some really FUNNY items… 3 of them to be exact!
  • The first 2 things… well they would belong in the “Green Room” @ Baffin Flowers in Iqaluit…and really are funny gag-gifts! That made me LAUGH so hard… but really not appropriate to share on my blog.  Thanks for thinking of me… let’s just say ‘soap-on-a-rope’ has a whole new meaning now!
  • The next one was my very own Boyfriend…no need to worry about my single status anymore! Because with a cup of water and 72 hours I can grow my boyfriend to the 6X his current size…

Please meet my new boyfriend I have named him Titus Pullo… (I might have just finished watching the first season of Rome, and my new boyfriend does have some clearly defined abs.. that made me think about Titus!)

According to the instructions I just have to put Titus Pullo into a FULL glass of water, and in 2 hours he will start to grow… he will reach full size in just a mere 72 hours!  The best thing about this is that Titus Pullo can be used over and over again. He’s not a single use kind of guy!  When he is removed from the glass…he will slowly start to shrink back to his current size.  But have no fear, I can grow him again and again!  I can’t wait to take him to my next dinner party… as long as I keep him in a glass–and no one drinks the water… maybe no one will notice his size?
The thing that really made me laugh about me receiving Titus Pullo in the mail today… is I think I asked for him.  Let me back-track, it’s a standing joke… and when Becky and Stephanie asked if there was anything I needed my first response was ” …a boyfriend.” Little did I know they would really make that dream come true!
Thanks again Becky and Stephanie for sending me a bit of care from the south it  really made my day!  You didn’t need to send me the box of goodies, letters are fun too!  But it is greatly appreciated…and helped me feel connected to life in the ‘south’…getting mail, that isn’t bills really MAKES my day.  It’s hard to explain unless you have lived in a remote community.  Having a package waiting for you after that cold, crazy walk to the post office…is the best gift ever!
Luv ya,  🙂 Sarah