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>Princess Street Campus is a COOL Place!!


I had the opportunity to head to Princess Street Campus of RRC today… it’s the COOLEST building EVER.. it’s located in the ‘Exchange District’ (correct me someone if I’m wrong).  It was two old buildings.. that have been renovated and restored, joined together…and modernized.  But has left the charm of some of features from days before.  Like railway tie benches, old safes still on the wall, the old board room, doors and what not in a different spot.  to walk to the 3rd floor the stairs almost look like a fire escape!  (in the area that joins the two buildings..) So I took some photos throughout the day… here are some of them!

Here’s the ‘in-between’ space between the two buildings that were joined… This use to be an ‘alley’ between the buildings…

Looking down at the other building from up above…. (so cool the painting on the bricks is STILL there!)
Looking out the window…
Some of the ‘random’ details of the past… displayed in a cool way… old crates, on a wall… to make beautiful art!
Random details… I think these were ‘rivets’ or ‘bolts’ on a steel beam somewhere in one of the classrooms…
The lights in the hallway!!
I LOVE buildings/spaces like this… I’ve always said that I want to live in a “loft” and some day I will!!