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This morning I straightened my hair for the first time in awhile.  As I was finishing up… I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “what the heck is that TINSEL doing coming out of the TOP of my head?” Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a morning person..and possibly was 1/2 asleep when I thought that thought.  But under closer examination, I realized it was a white/grey hair.  Yep, I noticed my first white/grey hair…it’s probably been going on for awhile up there on the top of my head.  I really wished I hadn’t looked so closely…and then I’d still be in happy denial! I knew it had to happen, and I know there’s just the 1 or maybe more–didn’t do that close of inspection…but it’s kind of that rite of passage deal. You know like welcome to Grey/White Grown-Up Club…I know many people have entered it before my age…I guess I’m finally grown-up enough to join!

The other thing I noticed when I was straightening my hair is my ‘weird’ hair cut.  I knew when I was on holidays the hairdresser I visited did a number on it…but well didn’t want to ‘correct’ it so just went with it. Yep, so now I have two very distinct layers in my hair.  I’m really glad I don’t worry about these types of things, honestly most of the time I have my hair under a hat, or in a pony tail!

The photo on the right is my "yes, I'm cool with these weird layers...until the next time I head south for a hair cut...kind of look" Convincing eh?

The days are getting longer…the sun rose at 7:05am and set at 4:07pm.  Yep, when I walked home at 5pm tonight I could still see the pink of the sun setting at the end of the fiord. It was nice to walk home in the twilight… a few more weeks and it will be still SUNNY when I walk home!

During coffee break today some coworkers and I were discussing how warm it feels now. Now our outside temperatures are still really cold…but it’s more of how our bodies feel in that cold.  One person talked about how last night they were doing some work outside on their snowmobile, thinking it was really warm.  But then went inside to see it was -30C.  Yep, apparently we have reached the point in our winter…that -20C or -25C or even -30C seems ‘warm’ if the wind isn’t blowing!  Well I suppose I should just keep telling myself that after all there’s only a few more months of snow left…

I have a confession…

My name is Sarah, and I have an EMAIL HOARDING problem.  I’ve heard that admitting to the problem is the first step rehabilitating yourself…

Today after work I decided it was time to sort through some messages in my inbox of one of my email accounts.  I’m sure EVERYONE out there has an email account that is like my Yahoo! It’s one of my emails I got when I was like 15…when the world of the internets was so new, and you were told not to use your ‘real-name’ in case someone internet stalked you. So I was creative and did a spin on my name–except now when I explain it, it’s not so funny or cool! The reason why I still have this email account after all these years–because it’s become an all-purpose email account.  Th one that you use only to “sign-up” for contests, online coupon emails, pizza delivery guy, clothing store discounts…and other online social networking alerts are given to that email..or give to the cashier when they ask for your email address.

Well I’m sure you get the idea…(if you don’t email me and I’ll explain it to you!) Tonight when I logged onto my Yahoo! MAIL, just to see if I got any ‘real’ mail…I looked up into the corner and saw the following photo….

Yes, that said that there were 2, 728 emails in my account… and 8 unread messages.(that’s what the 8 means before the arrow).  Now about those unread messages… that might not seem odd to a normal user–after all one does often get unread messages right in their inbox.  Some people might feel excitement, that they have new mail–I on the other hand felt nothing.

Let me explain.

I feel like in sharing about this topic I need to share the FULL truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH… so here it goes… The thing is I’ve had 8 unread messages in this account—FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! (normally if to tell if I have emails I take the number and subtract 8–so that tells me how many ‘new’ messages I actually have.)  During my  clicks-to-freedom campaign (ie: clicking the box beside the emails I wanted to trash; leaving the emails that I wanted to keep–yes, some where keepable!)… I found these 8 unread messages. Looking back I must have been extremely busy from Mid-April to Mid-May in 2010—as I had 8 unread-messages from that time period~ (thankfully they were all ‘junk’ updates from facebook, or from stores like my fav clothing store, shoe store and pizza joint–guess I’m not getting those SWEET deals!)… I think honestly, all the other JUNK got piled up, and I couldn’t find those unread messages (they were buried to page 8 and 9 of my inbox) the back of my mind I knew they were junk…so why not just leave them? To be honest, it’s going to be weird signing into my Yahoo! account without a brush up on my mental math… and not seeing that 8 unread-messages…

In My steps to freedom…(from this inbox-hoarding-disorder…)

I have my Yahoo! inbox down to 113 emails–there’s a few I want to read… (before I delete).  I did create a “folder” and put some emails from a friend into that said folder—will I ever look at them again? hmmm jury is still out but at least that kind of hoarding is organized eh? and I will probably junk them at some point in the future!  I also -unsubscribed to a bunch of e-newletters, that I haven’t been reading–so why am I clogging up my inbox with those?  Another random piece of info? My oldest email in my inbox… was from 2002…but the majority of them went from present back to about mid-2009…

I think TWO things can be learned about myself from this post:

  1.  I’m an email hoarder—and I’m ok with that… (I delete my account at least when it reaches OVER 2727 emails!)
  2. If you want me to respond to your email in a timely fashion, you might not want to use the Yahoo! Account…because you might be the next email that sits “unread” in my inbox for over 15months, before I do this process again and discover that I haven’t read it yet!

>Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games!)


Normally I don’t post or talk about music…most of my friends know that I often ask them to give me mixed CDs or ‘give’ me new groups to listen to… because I personally don’t go out in ‘search’ of music…. but lately I’ve been attempting to change this… and THIS song has been STUCK in my head…
I came across it on one of the blogs I read frequently…and well wanted to leave it here for you listening pleasure!  I like it because Antarctica is somewhere I do want to go…. and well it has a catchy beat…Often I play it in my office at work REALLY really REALLY loud once everyone else leaves…. (maybe I’m pretending…) Let me know what you think? (and I’m sure that for some of you readers out there this is not some “NEW” song or group… but well to me it is, and this is MY blog!)
I will at update about the rest of my Thanksgiving weekend…once I download my photos! 

>Guess what ARRIVED in the MAIL!?


So, if you aren’t in the loop… you might need to read about the BACK history of me getting a Photo-ID License for Manitoba! (click HERE)… after all that crazy amount of going back to January when I first applied and 5 TEMPORARY licenses… I have my own official Manitoba License…
..and well after all that work to get the bloody thing… my pic is really is pretty crazy and not that attractive!!!Compared to my old Ontario one…in Manitoba you can’t show ‘teeth'(apparently they rejected my first photo because of that reason!)…and well in Ontario you can…or they aren’t as ‘strict’ with that rule!!
December 13, 2007

Spring of 2010

As for that prize… I think the person that guessed the closest to the actual date today… when I got my mail should win! 

Anonymous June 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Oh Sarah – What a pain! I’m going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape!
Heather… send me an email with your address.. and I’ll send you your prize!!

>At Random…


  1. I was talking with a friend today about my “Mr. Bond” and if I had any spottings of him lately!  Who is Mr. Bond? Well.. he lives in the building that faces my parking spot.  He really likes to ‘sun’ himself in his Mr. Bond style boy shorts… and well I have called him for all intents and purposes “Mr. Bond”… because I remember a scene in one of the new Bond movies where he comes out of the water.. in a pair of those ‘boy’ short swimmers!  Ok so where was I? After talking to my friend.. I realized I had this little gem that I never shared with you!  I have noticed “Mr. Bond” hanging out on his 2nd floor balcony… and well the thing is.. he well NOTICES everyone that walks by… and they sometimes don’t notice HIM.  (Kind of creepy if you ask me)… Well this day I had just pulled Milo into the parking spot.. and decided a ‘sneak’ photo of Mr. Bond in his tanning attire…
This first photo, shows Milo’s dash board… and a bit more of the scene… (have to love the ‘sneaky’ iPhone photos!)

And I had to go in for the ‘zoom’… the scary thing was… coming home from work last Wednesday.. with a million and one things in my hands…(I was seriously juggling/struggling to get my keys to a spot where I could lock Milo… without dropping anything!?) I looked up… and guess who was watching? Yep, Mr. Bond… apparently he has noticed me too!

2.  I really, really hate packing.. one would think with the amount of travelling that I have done… I’d be an awesome packer… (and I am–once I get down to the nitty-gritty of it!) But you might be surprised to know that I usually don’t start until the day before…sometimes hours before I have to leave… I like to leave it to the last available moment.. throwing in stuff in a suitcase…(my family can attest to this fact..on a few occaisons they have arrived at my university dwelling places.. ready to haul my stuff into the car and get out of the city..back home.. and well I hadn’t been exactly ready!?but that’s a story for a different day…)

So yes, I have thought about what I need before my trip.. but have I opened my ‘brown’ beast of a bag to put anything in it? As of today at 12:30, nope haven’t… (started piling a few of the essentials tho… like passport, photography gear..etc) still need to dig out my tent and sleeping bag! (It will be done… tonight before I sleep…partly because I hate mornings.. and well I’m planning to leave EARLY tomorrow…

I read a few blogs.. and so wish I could be like a few other poeple out there with their ‘lists’ and organization.. weeks, months in advance of a trip… and I guess I have come to grips that I’m not that kind of gal.. it’s just not the way I roll… and I’m ok with that…

3. Update on my Manitoba Driving license… (nope STILL haven’t recieved it!) To catch you up on this story you might want to go back and read THIS… remember I was promised it would be mailed out the next day? Well my temporary license was ending… (while I’m away) so I went last Friday and spent another 45mins waiting at the AutoPac… apparently MPI doesn’t know why the request for my ‘photo’ license aren’t being sent or recieved!! I walked away with NO real answers.. but get this… another temporary, hand written–almost ‘do it yourself’ license… that was extended until April 11th, 2011!(yes, I got it extended that long.!? ) On first glance I was excited… (that means I dont’ have to go back and get the temps every 4-6weeks)..but then it made me wonder… if this ‘photo’ license WILL ever show up…

During the last ‘post’ about this issue… I had readers enter a bit of a contest, about when they thought my license would show up…

Here’s what they said:

Morena June 4, 2010 4:06 PM

This is crazy! It took me about 40 minutes in IQALUIT to get my NU one done. Could it be possible that MB is less efficient than NU? Seems so.

July 24th!

noinvitationrequired June 5, 2010 1:14 AM

My guess is July 10th – and my guess is that it will take you another 6 months to find a doctor that is taking new patients if it is anything like my experiences!

Anonymous June 5, 2010 12:39 PM

That is crazy! I’d be writing my MLA now – maybe they can get autopacs butts in gear! My guess is June 15th…. – Becky

Lisa Marie June 5, 2010 3:55 PM

August 23rd LOL. 🙂 Because I’m a rebel.

Anonymous June 5, 2010 6:09 PM

October 12. Not really trying to be any more ridiculous than those bureaucratic nimrods are. Hope I’m dead wrong!!

Anonymous June 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Oh Sarah – What a pain! I’m going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape!

So if you want to ‘change’ your guess… you are welcome to do so on this post… I’m guessing it might arrive sometime in April 2011!!!

I think that’s everything random I have to say today… I’m going out shooting some photos as it is “Photo Tuesday” today… I’ll probably post those at some point tonight… or schedule it to come out tomorrow!