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WARNING: this is a RANT!!!

>Dear Hamlet of Pangnirtung,

Hi, How are you? I’m doing great, except for this one thing.  I haven’t lived in your goregous Hamlet for almost 13months.  I miss it there I really do…but I really don’t want to have any more water/sewage bills sent to my new house in Winnipeg.  I have tried to be really good abou this… make jokes about it…but I’m tired.  I have called your good people at the Hamlet office on at least 5 occasions in the last 13months.  In April’ 10 you sent me a record of my WHOLE account which showed that I had a ZERO balance..(after a few notices of an outstanding charges for the months of Jan, Feb (when I had left in Dec)…we sorted all that out… and you were very helpful on my 3 phone conversations as I was sorting this problem out.) 

But in order to send this record you were kind of tricky then, and asked for my new address, I gave it to you in good faith. But now you like to send me little reminders, or ‘love notes’ about my time in Pang. To help me remember my water deliveries and sewage pumping? I’m not sure…

The first, “love note” happened about 6weeks in May after you had showed me that I had paid my account in full–and I had received this in writing… a notice showing that I owed $50 (the $50 deposit on the account that I didn’t actually get returned–but it counted towards my first month’s water/sewage)…. I called and talked to someone… they seemed nice, and said they would take care of it.  But then in June you decided to give me another ‘love note’.  I called back and you said, no worries it was taken care of…and it probably was sent before the last call where I sorted it out.

So I went about my buisness…when I came back from holidays in the summer I had 2 more notices… So I called mid- September when I had a chance and talked to someone YET AGAIN. Explained what was going on.. and they assured me that it would be taken care of. For awhile, at least… as now it’s 2011 I’ve received 2 more ‘love notes’. 

I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do… I’m NOT going to call you anymore–I’m NOT going to respond to your notices…but I’ve PAID my bill… my account was zeroed out.. I’m not sure WHY you think that I STILL OWE you money because I don’t.  I would come explain in person, but well I really don’t have the $1,600+ to fly there from Winnipeg. 

Could you please stop sending me these notices? Because I’m not doing anything about it, and you are killing a tree.  Save yourself a stamp!

Sarah who does NOT live in Pangnirtung anymore.

*it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good rant, I will be returning soon with more photos and fun stories…but life has been busy!

>At Random…


  1. I was talking with a friend today about my “Mr. Bond” and if I had any spottings of him lately!  Who is Mr. Bond? Well.. he lives in the building that faces my parking spot.  He really likes to ‘sun’ himself in his Mr. Bond style boy shorts… and well I have called him for all intents and purposes “Mr. Bond”… because I remember a scene in one of the new Bond movies where he comes out of the water.. in a pair of those ‘boy’ short swimmers!  Ok so where was I? After talking to my friend.. I realized I had this little gem that I never shared with you!  I have noticed “Mr. Bond” hanging out on his 2nd floor balcony… and well the thing is.. he well NOTICES everyone that walks by… and they sometimes don’t notice HIM.  (Kind of creepy if you ask me)… Well this day I had just pulled Milo into the parking spot.. and decided a ‘sneak’ photo of Mr. Bond in his tanning attire…
This first photo, shows Milo’s dash board… and a bit more of the scene… (have to love the ‘sneaky’ iPhone photos!)

And I had to go in for the ‘zoom’… the scary thing was… coming home from work last Wednesday.. with a million and one things in my hands…(I was seriously juggling/struggling to get my keys to a spot where I could lock Milo… without dropping anything!?) I looked up… and guess who was watching? Yep, Mr. Bond… apparently he has noticed me too!

2.  I really, really hate packing.. one would think with the amount of travelling that I have done… I’d be an awesome packer… (and I am–once I get down to the nitty-gritty of it!) But you might be surprised to know that I usually don’t start until the day before…sometimes hours before I have to leave… I like to leave it to the last available moment.. throwing in stuff in a suitcase…(my family can attest to this fact..on a few occaisons they have arrived at my university dwelling places.. ready to haul my stuff into the car and get out of the city..back home.. and well I hadn’t been exactly ready!?but that’s a story for a different day…)

So yes, I have thought about what I need before my trip.. but have I opened my ‘brown’ beast of a bag to put anything in it? As of today at 12:30, nope haven’t… (started piling a few of the essentials tho… like passport, photography gear..etc) still need to dig out my tent and sleeping bag! (It will be done… tonight before I sleep…partly because I hate mornings.. and well I’m planning to leave EARLY tomorrow…

I read a few blogs.. and so wish I could be like a few other poeple out there with their ‘lists’ and organization.. weeks, months in advance of a trip… and I guess I have come to grips that I’m not that kind of gal.. it’s just not the way I roll… and I’m ok with that…

3. Update on my Manitoba Driving license… (nope STILL haven’t recieved it!) To catch you up on this story you might want to go back and read THIS… remember I was promised it would be mailed out the next day? Well my temporary license was ending… (while I’m away) so I went last Friday and spent another 45mins waiting at the AutoPac… apparently MPI doesn’t know why the request for my ‘photo’ license aren’t being sent or recieved!! I walked away with NO real answers.. but get this… another temporary, hand written–almost ‘do it yourself’ license… that was extended until April 11th, 2011!(yes, I got it extended that long.!? ) On first glance I was excited… (that means I dont’ have to go back and get the temps every 4-6weeks)..but then it made me wonder… if this ‘photo’ license WILL ever show up…

During the last ‘post’ about this issue… I had readers enter a bit of a contest, about when they thought my license would show up…

Here’s what they said:

Morena June 4, 2010 4:06 PM

This is crazy! It took me about 40 minutes in IQALUIT to get my NU one done. Could it be possible that MB is less efficient than NU? Seems so.

July 24th!

noinvitationrequired June 5, 2010 1:14 AM

My guess is July 10th – and my guess is that it will take you another 6 months to find a doctor that is taking new patients if it is anything like my experiences!

Anonymous June 5, 2010 12:39 PM

That is crazy! I’d be writing my MLA now – maybe they can get autopacs butts in gear! My guess is June 15th…. – Becky

Lisa Marie June 5, 2010 3:55 PM

August 23rd LOL. 🙂 Because I’m a rebel.

Anonymous June 5, 2010 6:09 PM

October 12. Not really trying to be any more ridiculous than those bureaucratic nimrods are. Hope I’m dead wrong!!

Anonymous June 6, 2010 10:36 AM

Oh Sarah – What a pain! I’m going to guess August 13 – Darn bureaucrats and their red tape!

So if you want to ‘change’ your guess… you are welcome to do so on this post… I’m guessing it might arrive sometime in April 2011!!!

I think that’s everything random I have to say today… I’m going out shooting some photos as it is “Photo Tuesday” today… I’ll probably post those at some point tonight… or schedule it to come out tomorrow!

>Sometimes life just is a pile of poo!

>Dear Birds,

I’m not sure what Milo did to piss you off.  But your actions are uncalled for, as Milo has NEVER done ANYTHING to you.

Seriously!? If once wasn’t enough.. you had to do your buisness TWICE?! and what did you eat!? The view from the top… isn’t much prettier…

I guess you didn’t care that Milo had JUST been washed at the dealership on Tuesday, 4 short days ago… I guess you decided to shit on the cleanest, and most shiny car in the lot…

Next time, dear birds, remember that Milo didn’t do anything to diserve this treatment and go poo on someone else’s car!

A very upset car owner on behalf of Milo, her car!

PS. Now I wish you could clean up your own mess, as I have to go clean that crap up!


>Well, I keep wondering how long it will take me to get a PHOTO License for the province of Manitoba.  I’ve been at this process since January 19th… one would have assumed by now I’d have my new photo license, which I’ve been told is an ‘enhanced’ license.  i.e) one that is only ONE piece..(kind of like the Ontario ones I’ve had since I got my license when I was 16..Manitoba is JUST now this YEAR moving forward to ‘one’ piece licenses! 

I talked about my struggles in this POST  that was in April.. when I thought I had recieved my LAST temporary ‘written’ license… well folks… I’ve been back to those ‘friendly auto-pack’ people… (which can’t do anything without calling the Gov’t people in charge.) and spent an HOUR and a HALF waiting bc my temporary license was about to expire, I had not had my ‘photo’ license mailed to me.. and the apparently my account was cancelled.  Yes, that’s right… after visiting in April to get my latest ‘extension’ on my license… the computer didn’t see that they had recieved my photo.. and decided I didn’t want a license and well CANCELLED my application.  (because the computer decided I hadn’t submitted what it wanted..) It took like an HOUR and a HALF of the person on the other side of the phone to A) figure out what the problem was and B) correct it…

This means, I’m on my FOURTH temporary license here in Manitoba… it expires on July 15th..(almost 6months to the day when I started trying to get a Manitoba license..) My question is seriously? if they thought I didn’t want a Manitoba license.. why would they cancel it when they TOOK MY ONTARIO one!? because it was still VALID!!!!!!! argh… crazy maker I think! When I finally get my license I’m writing a few letters to the MLA in charge.. because frankly this has been a silly ordeal!!!

I’m taking bets… do you think I’ll get the photo license before then!? or will I go for a FIFTH temporary one? I’m kind of digging the hand written piece of paper I have for a license… I’ll keep you posted!!

Send me a comment…with the DAY you think I will RECIEVE it in the mail… and the person that has a guess close enough to the actual day I recieve it in the mail… WILL get a PRIZE!!

P.S. I have gone on to recently get a Manitoba Health Card–it’s a piece of paper, seriously, no photo… I went in gave them my details, and they printed one off for me.. within like 5mins… now I just have to find a doctor…

>Some Days I feel like I’ve moved to a whole Different Country!

>Yes, it’s true…have you ever switched provinces? It’s like moving to a whole new country.  It’s a HUGE pain in the butt… and seriously I’m not sure I ever want to LEAVE Manitoba–once I get all my ‘documents’ Manitobianized.. (yes I just made up a word!)

I’m STILL in the process of getting my Manitoba license…what you might ask!? how after THREE months of living here do you still have a temporary sheet of paper instead of a photo id… well that could take some time and explaining.(and perhaps you dont’ really want to read this…)

I took in the necessary documents into my friendly ‘auto-pac’… two different pieces to prove residency, my old Ontario license and I think that’s it.  They took my photo, took my old license (so all of a sudden I don’t have photo ID except for my passport!) and gave me a ‘printed off’ temporary license.  They told me it should be in the mail within 4-6 weeks.  I asked “if I don’t get it..should I come back in to inquire about it?” they said, “No you should recieve it by March 5th” and then I believed I would after all it was the 2nd week of January. 

I waited, checking the mail.. and nothing comes. So on March 4th I stop by my friendly “Auto-Pac” and was told, “I’m sorry we can’t do anything, the main computers crashed because of a power surge today…and have been offline since… just come back tomorrow.”  On Friday morning, I recieved a call at work.. from those ‘friendly auto-pac’ people… and they had looked into my file, apparently I’m memorable because I dont’ remember giving my name to them the day before, but they had discovered that one of my ‘proofs of residency had been rejected’ and I would have to bring a new one in when I came. 

So I arrived a few hours later, after work.. and they call in and apparently I had ‘missed’ the deadline…(which I had found out about that morning!) After some over-riding they were able to input and forward the required documents. And I left with my SECOND temporary License..(this one was ‘hand-written’..oh yes, very do-it-your-self!)…I did joke and say, “are you sure everything else is ok? is my picture ok? because I’m here… and well I can take another one!?” (maybe I jinxed myself there!? who knows) they assured me no.. don’t worry you’ll get it in 4-6weeks in the mail.

The Friday I headed out to Ontario for the weekend… I got a call from those same “friendly auto-pac” workers…and apparently my photo had been rejected and they requested I come in to take one ASAP.  I explained I was flying to Ontario that day and I’d have to do it when I returned.  I was told I was ok until April 12th.  So then my mum came… and left.. and work happened!!! Saturday the two things I had on my list to do was get a pedi and sort out my photo.  I’m glad I went.  Because there were ‘other complications’ … in Manitoba you renew your license and your car insurance four months AFTER your birthday–so not ON your birthday like in Ontario… So well my birthday is December 13th… hmmm so this complicated getting my photo done, and then ‘updating’ and paying my renewal fees.  Needless to say an HOUR and A HALF later I walked away with my THIRD temporary license (also hand written) with the promise that the permanent one would be in the mail within 4-6weeks.  I’m not really sure if this will be the end to this saga?! who knows…

I haven’t even started to get my Manitobian Health Card yet.. because apparently a requirement is a Manitobian License…. oh the joys!! (shouldn’t switching/moving provinces be a bit easier? after all…it isn’t like I moved to Australia!?)  Thanks for letting me rant!