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Two Years Ago Today…

Taken on the my first trip to the top of Mt. Duval on June 20th, 2009

One of the things I LOVE about blogging is that it’s an easy way to keep track of what you did in the past… while getting ready to do this post, I was looking through my photos from 2009… and realized that two years ago today, I went for a hike at the end of the road in Pang!  You can see more photos and stories from that day HERE.

Hiking at the 'end of the road' July 19th, 2009...

This morning… I’m travelling north from Ottawa to Iqaluit to Pangnirtung (my final destination!)  I’m really excited… I can’t wait to renew old friendships, and make new ones!!

..a bit of Yoga, in my back yard!

It might take me a few days… but once I have internet again… I’ll be back here blogging my new experiences, see you on the flip side!

>My Grandpa…


At this time of year, there is lots happening… my birthday, Christmas excitement, shopping, travel plans…holiday parties… but it’s also a time of remembering.  I was looking through old Christmas Albums, and came across this photo of my Grandpa from Christmas 1995. (I was the family photographer…even back then!).. It’s funny how one photo can take you on a trip…and bring back so many memories! 

Grandpa..mid story…
(after this photo was taken I remember him being upset…  and say, “Sarah you are wasting film on me”…I’m so thankful that I did waste some film back then!)

 So, today… I took a moment to remember, my Grandpa… I was really close to my grandpa.  My grandpa was the storyteller and historian… and because of this I have a family history book that he and his brothers and sisters co-wrote. Something I will cherish and one day share with my children. 

I have memories of going on the Historical walks around Haliburton Village with him in the summers. At first I had to be quiet, listen…(which wasn’t hard)… and hold the mega phone, my grandpa didn’t like to use it!  My favourite stop was ‘banks general store’…and the stories that Grandpa use to tell about the eccentric owner… The thing I loved about Grandpa’s tours is that they always changed, no two walks were ever the same…he’d switch it up with different stories!  One day, at Banks General Store…I said in my quiet voice, “But Grandpa, you need to tell them about the dog…” He laughed, smiling he replied..”Thanks for remembering Sarah, why don’t you tell that story?”… And I did, and the group of 15-20 adults actually LISTENED to me..!  (I’m not 100% sure how old I was… but I think I was between the ages of 8 and 9..)  Maybe someday I’ll be a great of story teller like my grandpa!

I have many other great memories…and I’m so glad that I do!  My grandpa was a teacher, then a principal and when he retired he was a director of education. (I often wonder what he’d think about I was doing for my career!) He was passionate about teaching others, and never passed up an opportunity to teach me, or my brothers something!  (althoughat the time in the midst of a history or English lesson sometimes I wasn’t so thankful!)…He always pushed me to do things that interest me, and excite me..and to help me realize that I should never stop learning.  I think part of the reason I went and did a History/English BA was because of him…(but social history, the stories of people’s lives is a passion of mine!).

This photo of him and I was taken at my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding–27 1/2 years ago…
(I was 3 1/2 years old!)

My grandpa told me once… “Life is like a train, it never stops until it reaches it’s final destination.  It varies in speed, and where it stops along the path.  But you need to remember, that the station stops are not the final destination, you can get out..stretch your legs..but at some point when the whistle goes, it’s time to get back on the train and continue on the journey.” 

My holiday wish is for you and your families, to enjoy the Station Stops you are currently on… and make memories that will last a life time, because you never know when the whistle will blow and you will be at the final destination.