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Surprises! Oh My…


 About a month ago, I received an email from a co-worker…telling me about the Red River Deep Freeze (Roller Derby Event!).  She was wondering who else wanted to come out.. I was totally in for going to a new event.  I looked at the date of the event, and realized my mum would be out… so I booked 2 tickets… and then had to tell my mum that she would only be able to go to 5 of the 6 Moose games that were scheduled.  (She of course asked why… and I kept it a secret…) until just before we left for dinner! 

We met up with 2 of my coworkers for crepes.. at this amazing crepe place that is like a 10ish min walk away from my apartment! (I so love that my place is a walk away from so many good places to eat, and have coffee!). 

We drove to the Winnipeg Convention Centre…met up with another co-worker, and her two kids… we were all pumped to see what the night would bring…. I must admit I was pretty amazed at what a big crowd was there! And was thankful for my co-worker that was able to get us seats–that had a good view!

I took the following photos from the program… to show you the ‘team rosters’….
Here’s Winnipeg’s Murder City Maidens….

 Who took on Red Deer’s Nighshades!

 As we watched the players warm up…. we looked at the “Quick Derby Primer’ in the program… which is below…it’s a good thing that was there… but even reading.. I wasn’t 100% sure what was about to happen during the ‘derby’…..

Here’s the “zebra crew” also known as Referees…
A quick shot of the warm-up/introductions…

 The acoustics were pretty bad–It was way loud..but you still couldn’t understand what the announcers were telling you!

 Here you can see the “Jammer” (with the star on her helmet)..moving through the “pack” to score points–they get one point for every opponent they pass legally–but they have to make it through the pack once before they start to score…. the first jammer (there are 2 one from each team)… through becomes the ‘lead jammer’ they have the ability to call of the Jam at any time… (usually if their team isn’t in a scoring position but the other team is!)…

 I think the funniest part of the night was when mum turned to me and told me that my dad was a big fan of roller derbies back in the 70s/80s….another random fact that I know about my dad I suppose!?

 There were some falls, a roller skate fell off at one point… and lots of yelling…. (Once I figured out how the derby worked… there also was some cheering!!)

 In the end… the Red Deer Nightshades… won…. 🙂 it was a fun night…

I think my mum really enjoyed her surprise as much as I did!  Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of us at the derby… but that doesn’t mean we didnt’ like it… even though the popcorn was a bit too salty!