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Fresh Snow on Trees…

“There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.”    William Sharp ((pseud. Fiona MacLeod), 1855-1905)

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland…much to my dismay.. the wet/soft packy snow had froze with a lot of powder on top of it.. so no snowmen for me! After shovelling a bit, and clearing off the cars…I took a walk and got some photos!

Trees + Snow = pure magic to the eyes! 

Living in Pangnirtung, where there are no trees makes me that much more appreciative when I do see them… seeing fresh snow painted so brilliantly on their branches was a welcome treat! 

Milo looks so extra small beside these great big beauties! 

I’m having a fabulous time with my mum here in Haliburton…filled with PJ days, movies and good food (although I think I have reached my turkey quota for 2011–good thing New Years is around the corner!)

I have plans to do a bit more travelling before my vacation is over… going to a wedding, meeting some friend’s new babies, catching up with friends in the Toronto area…this involves a bit more travelling, let’s hope the roads stay in good condition…but we all know how I like to stay on-the-road!


First day of Fall- Arctic Style!

…snow, snow and more snow! A few photos because my friend Sarah H. commented on Facebook that she wouldn’t believe it was snowing until I posted the proof.  Because I still wasn’t feeling well I stuck close to my house, and snapped these photos… Normally you see the Pang Pass in this direction, today it was a wall of white–snow!  You can barely make out Mt. Duval in this photo… I know the morning flights were cancelled…but think I heard a plane tonight (dont’ know if it landed though!) I’m not sure if this snow will be here to stay… or if it will be gone… a quick look at the weather forecast says it looks like it will be 5C tomorrow, so probably will be gone! Morena and her boys went out to build some snowmen earlier today before it got REALLY wet out…  looks like they had a lot of fun…you can see her photos HERE!

Looking out the Window…

SNOW!!! 🙂 it’s not on the roads in town yet… but closer to town coming down from the mountains… I expect it will all be gone by the end of the day… but made me SMILE like a kid when I looked out the window this morning and saw it!!! 🙂

Hope you have a fantastic FRIDAY!

It’s Winter Again…


Here’s a random fact for you in 2009 I had only a period of about 6-9weeks without snow!  (but then again, I was living in Pangnirtung, Nunavut–about 45kms south of the Arctic Circle…one should expect this kind of weather!)… (I wrote about how in the middle of June–there was a crazy amount of snow in Pang in 2009…you can read about it HERE)
This morning I woke up, on MAY 1st–to SNOW… apparently when you live in Winter-peg…you too can expect to experience to get snow at ANY time of the YEAR! Oh JOY oh BLISS!!! 🙂 
A shot from my balcony–the River is getting pretty high behind…

It’s really hard for me to believe that on Friday night…I had my first dinner sitting out at this balcony with a friend!!! All week I had been enjoying driving with my sunroof open, windows down… but apparently summer is over, and well Winter is back!  (I wish I had known this before I took my snow tires off Milo!)… 
I think it’s a great thing that I have a collect of fantastic winter hats…that I can keep on rockin’! 

Queen of the Hill…


Just found these photos from my phone that I took at the end of last week…

They are pretty weird photos… just snow piles around the parking lot at work.But they have a bit more meaning to me than that!  But early last week every morning and night as I walked past these snow piles… my mind slipped back into the past…and memories of recess at my public school…

That’s when a pile of snow would transform into anything we wanted it to… Often it became a test of who could race to the top of the hill…and then stay… Oh the games of king/queen of the hill..
Other times it wasn’t as violent… but more a spot to stop and create steps, and/or caves in the side of the huge hill…and get lost in the fantasy world my friends and I would create… 
On Friday, it was way warm.. (around +2C) and the snow banks were starting to diminish in size… I took these photos… wishing that I had taken the time earlier in the week to RUN up to the top of the hill. It would have been better because the snow would have been still solid—because of the crazy cold temps!  Maybe next big snow… I’ll be going out there, and reaching the top…perhaps I might even shout… I’m the Queen of the Hill…of course just for old times sake!