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>..the end to a perfect weekend!


One of the things I love the most about my apartment, is how I have a view of the sunsets… I still need to get some chairs that are ‘small’ but comfy and a table for my balcony..any suggestions of what I can look!?
After spending the day cleaning, organizing, dusting, and doing laundry…(all in prep for my friends coming over to watch the survivor finale!)
 I was relaxing with friends (watching the survivor finale) and happened to look out the window to see THIS! 
(yes, I stopped watching my TV and went to shoot these two photos…)
…Today was the first day I’ve felt like my place was a ‘home’, yes I still have three boxes left to unpack in the corner of my dining room, a bookshelf, a desk/table, and some bedside side tables…some art to get framed to put on my walls, BUT it’s HOME, and I have what I need to make it comfy! and I got to share it with two friends…from Winnipeg, which makes it even sweeter! it’s been 4 1/2 months…Winnipeg you are starting to feel like home, mind you it hasn’t been an easy road, and their still might be some hills to push up and get over!  Slowly but surely I’ll make this statement true, Winnipeg is my home for now!
Even though at times my iPod randomly plays on the speaker, and other crazy stuff sometimes happens…it’s MY home and I’m staying, the rest of that stuff.. BE GONE, I don’t like your kind here at MY HOUSE!!!

>Sunsets and high water….


Mom’s been enjoying the sunsets from my balcony.. and there have been some awesome ones! (even though I still need to get some patio chairs… we’ve been pulling out my kitchen table ones or just standing!)..

…pretty colours…like the sky was on fire!!
The river has been pretty high… it’s been quite fun to ‘watch’ it… and wonder how high it will go before it lowers again… there is a bit of movement…when the open gates to divert water…into the aquaduct system…that takes the water out of the city! 
(i think… i’m still not 100%..and am too lazy to google this info for you!)
..a bit fuzzy but you can see how high the water is!  (the boat that was miles from the river a week ago.. is almost touching it!)…

>a sunset walk…

>Mum landed this morning…so tonight after dinner we went for a short walk… (over the bridge to the Legislative Building)…. (it’s not that far at all..but apparently was a “BIG” walk! 😉

The water is pretty high on the Assiniboine River…actually since I came home on Sunday night I couldn’t believe how high it was!

Here’s where I walked down to the ice to go on the ‘river-walk’ a few months ago… now about 1/2 of the stairs are under water!! 🙂
Mum on the bench… I joined her soon after this photo was taken… we sat and watched the sun get lower in the sky… watched people walk by… and just laughed about silly things that only a mother and daughter can laugh about!
Since I cut off the “Golden Boy” in the last photo… here’s a upclose ‘blury’ photo of him!
Here’s a shot of our view from the bench!!
A view from my balcony… you can so how HIGH the water is…. (soon that boat will be in the water… and at the end of last week it was far away from the edge of the water!)…



This past week there have been some amazing sunsets…(this one above was taken Feb 28th)…  I get the afternoon sun in my apartment.. and then the sunset!!! It’s nice to arrive into my apartment after work.. and have the WARM sunshine filling my living room!!  It makes me smile!!

This one was taken March 1st…..
A few minutes later… the sun is almost gone…..