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>A day at the Beach…

>hmmmm or can one really call it a beach.. if due to recent rain.. the water levels have come up.. and well swallowed up the beach? Remember when I was here in May… (HERE) and I was excited about the HUGE beach?! Well…. apparently right now.. it’s not the case! This didn’t ruin a GREAT day in the SUN and water!!

My mum,  older bro, sis-in-law and nephews were also at my Grandma’s…. and we had a blast.. in the water.. and in the boat…

Grandma’s cottage is the 2nd from the right…. (usually there’s a HUGE sand beach in front.. but again.. due to water height issues… it hasn’t happened yet!)

Looking out towards the ‘sand point’….
Playing in the water!!! 🙂
This is the place I’ve been going since I was a baby…
and where I spent my summers with my grandma and grandpa…at the cottage!
There was a ‘shark’ on the beach.. but Samuel said, “don’t worry Aunt Sarah he’s a FRIENDLY shark!”
My mum and grandma and me…. Three Generations of Bathing Beauties!!!
(I’m not sure the last time I’ve been ‘swimming’ with both of them at the same time….) 
It was fun to take these shots…. (I had to crouch down… so I wasn’t so tall!)
Samuel being a helper… to help Benjamin off the end of the dock…
he’s such a good BIG brother… so kind and helpful!!
I took some family portraits for Jamie and Dana… here’s one that I really liked!!!
Jamie and Dana…married 9 years this past June!! 🙂
Getting ready for a boat ride!!!
Benjamin didn’t stay awake long… and snuggled for a bit of a snooze with me!
After the boat ride… Grandma brought out some cheesies… and well who doesn’t love them!?
Samuel did…..
and so did Benjamin!!
It was perfect weather… and well perfect company today…
Can’t wait until I can go back and spend the day there again… tomorrow…