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>Princess Street Campus is a COOL Place!!


I had the opportunity to head to Princess Street Campus of RRC today… it’s the COOLEST building EVER.. it’s located in the ‘Exchange District’ (correct me someone if I’m wrong).  It was two old buildings.. that have been renovated and restored, joined together…and modernized.  But has left the charm of some of features from days before.  Like railway tie benches, old safes still on the wall, the old board room, doors and what not in a different spot.  to walk to the 3rd floor the stairs almost look like a fire escape!  (in the area that joins the two buildings..) So I took some photos throughout the day… here are some of them!

Here’s the ‘in-between’ space between the two buildings that were joined… This use to be an ‘alley’ between the buildings…

Looking down at the other building from up above…. (so cool the painting on the bricks is STILL there!)
Looking out the window…
Some of the ‘random’ details of the past… displayed in a cool way… old crates, on a wall… to make beautiful art!
Random details… I think these were ‘rivets’ or ‘bolts’ on a steel beam somewhere in one of the classrooms…
The lights in the hallway!!
I LOVE buildings/spaces like this… I’ve always said that I want to live in a “loft” and some day I will!!

>Wardrobe Malfunctions!?

>…well this hasn’t happened to me in awhile at work… I think the last time was Spring of ’05…I was working in an infant room and had lost weight…which was a good thing, but my pants were baggy…and if I bent over, knelt or sat down without ‘hitching’ them up like an old person… they would rip… and well I through 3 pairs of pants in about 6weeks…(no lie)…hmmmm so where was I?!

Oh yes, present day… I wore a new blouse today for the first time… and well by lunch two buttons were gone off the bottom… and then by 2pm another one off the bottom fell… so left my very “appropriate” work shirt… turn highly inappropriate in like less than 30seconds…

Here’s the photo proof… there were jokes about ‘rockin’ it ‘daisy-duke’ style but don’t worry I didn’t actually subject my co-workers to that!!!
*photo was taken by a co-worker, using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic App…(i like it!!)

>one of those days…

>Have you ever had a day where just wanted to stay in bed? Looking back..perhaps–I should have just stayed in bed.  Have you ever had a day…that you drove–(quite a distance) to a destination…and parked and went in.. and asked for the people you were meeting? but realized you were in the wrong spot? So you went to another destination…and well asked for the people you were suppose to be meeting with? …and YEP you were still in the wrong spot?… Well third’s time is a charm right?… you finally get to the RIGHT spot(quite a distance from spot A and B), and ask the for the people you need to meet–meet with them… and then head to the office…

Ahhh fun times!(and all of that was before 11:30am!)…. I had some good news in the mid-afternoon, I have an ‘official’ parking spot…with a NUMBER and a plug in (which isn’t such a big deal now that spring has arrived, but next winter it will be nice to be able to plug in!)..this also means that I won’t have to park in the “scramble” lot–(basicly you park wherever, and often it’s like miles away from the college)… this made me VERY happy….. like giggle and like a school girl!!

Until I had another moment… have you ever called one place, asking for someone? and told that they don’t work there? and you are very confused? and hang up…. well I have… and then you have a ‘helpful’ coworker tells you that apparently there are TWO places called that on the list–and I obviously had called A and I needed to call B…goodness me? seriously? argh…. apparently it’s just one of those days…. (and people here in Winnipeg in my field–well they just might think I’m a bit crazy…but that’s ok….I’m learning.. and well won’t make those mistakes again!)

Oh.. and one more thing… Milo is VERY dirty… and well I’m afraid of ‘car-washes’ long story, but since you asked!! When I was little, probably 3 1/2 or so… my mum lost a windsheild in a car wash, NO I wasn’t in the car..that joy was left to my little brother in the backseat but I’ve heard the stories.. and well successfully have avoided having to go in them myself–because well I didn’t have a car until now.  Now this windshield might have been lost because my mum was unsure about how to USE the carwash…and didn’t put the car into park (but didn’t know she had to do that–or something)…so here’s the deal I don’t know how to use one… and I’m sure there’s instructions but I’m terrified of doing something wrong, and well breaking up Milo’s windshield…I’ve almost thought of asking someone to take him through for me but that just makes me look like ‘stupid’ girl…and I don’t like playing that role…but very soon I’m going to have to take him through one… because apparently while I was looking for the meeting spot first thing this morning… I got stuck in a puddle–and sprayed mud ALL over the passenger door and window…. yup…. it’s disgusting… so yet one more thing to deal with! 

Perhaps…another day…as tonight I’m vegging and heading to bed fairly soon… because I have two more ‘meetings’ out of the office first thing tomorrow morning…! Let’s hope I don’t get lost heading to them.

>losing my Marble…


About a month ago, I arrived to work one day and found THIS card on my desk–(face down)…

I flipped it over and read the following… (well you can read it yourself from the picture!)…  I thought to myself…what is this all about? Here’s some back story…one of my co-workers at a Christmas party was given these cool cards–there was like 50 of them… all with ‘random’ things to do with working in an office.  That day we had a staff meeting and the goal of the meeting was to see how fast everyone could ‘work’ their word into the meeting.  (and no one knew each other’s words!).. It was quite fun…I didn’t get to ‘work’ my office creeper word into a staff meeting UNTIL today! 

In our staff room/entrance to our offices…there is a water cooler, microwave, photocopier/printer, couch… and a coffee table.. on that coffee table there sits the box shown in the photo beside this… it’s a kind of cool box.. and everyone that I work with has put ‘something’ into the little boxes…which makes a pretty cool collection… they were to pick something that represents themselves…. So after weeks of being asked by one of my co-workers.. I finally brought something in… (the two empty spots are for the other two ‘newbies’ to bring something—yes, I still can’t get rid of the nickname ‘newbie‘!)  It’s funny after weeks of being ‘gently’ reminded NO one NOTICED that I had actually brought something in.. NOT even the co-worker who was always asking when we’d bring something in!  (I thought that was pretty funny!)

What did I bring?  Filled the bottom of the container with small blue rocks…to represent all the friends I have… then I picked out seven small marbles–one for each member of my family–mum, two bros, two sister-in-laws, two nephews… and then I added ONE larger marble… (to represent me..not bc I’m the centre of the universe just because…)…A week ago.. while I was having lunch I looked down at the coffee table and well a marble was MISSING… and what one was it? well it was ME…the BIG one…I asked a few people… and no one had seen it… so when I went into the staff meeting today… and was asked if there was anything else to ‘add to the agenda’ I said “I think we have an OFFICE CREEPER!!!” and one of my co-workers had a funny look on my face as I went on to ‘explain’ my missing marble… and how I don’t know where it went… and how no one really noticed I had brought anything…. and her face got really funny(this was the same lady who kept on me for days, and weeks about bringing something in..)… She looked at me and said, “I’m sorry.. I’m the one that took your marble”…She needed it for a workshop….and then didnt’ return it..but she couldn’t remember WHERE she had left it… I was ok with that.. at least it was ‘case’ solved… but 1/2 way through this meeting she got up.. and looked in some of the boxes in the storage shelves.. and presented me with my marble… she remembered where she left it! 
So folks, there’s my story… I lost my marble but have found it again!!! (let’s hope that I don’t lose anymore!)

PS. photos taken with my trusty iPhone!