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…I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to going to this concert the DAY after I bought tickets!  
I was insanely jealous when U2 was in Toronto and I was living in Pangnirtung and friends on Facebook where posting that they got to go to the show, and I was not going!  I guess good things come to those that wait!  I asked Anne if she wanted to catch this concert with me.. and she agreed… I said, “want to get a seat? or chance the floor?” She said, “floor is good!”  So that’s what we did… I think my ticket was about $72 and change… and it was so worth it!  
I found this diagram/picture of the stage set up… I didn’t get any really great shots of that!  Anne and I arrived down at the stadium about 5:30pm (concert started at 7pm)… there was a HUGE line for the Gate 4 where we were suppose to enter… (people had been waiting since 6am, some had slept there over night!)… We ended up on the other side of the stadium waiting in the cue… (I thought at that moment we’d be at the back of the field!)… Then they opened up Gate 3, for field access…and we were probably in the first 50 or so that go in from that side… we went quickly up to the centre of the stage, in the 3rd row at the front of the ramp that circled the stage!  I couldn’t believe it… Then the waiting/pushing started!  Some of the people around us had indeed camped out, had numbers on their hands for the line that they waited in outside!  Anne and I were just plain lucky!  
we were probably just in front of where the GA was in this photo… (but this wasn’t the Winnipeg venue) 
Shortly after 7pm “the Fray” opened up for U2…  
The LED screen above the main stage… 
 At first I wasn’t 100% sure if I had heard of “the Fray” then I found myself singing along.. and I realized that I had known them from Greys… (HERE is the video from Greys!) 

I’m thinking I definitely need to check out their album a bit closer… 
We had about an hour of stage set up for U2.. the coolest thing was to see the lightening guys… get into their rigs… (they lowered from the legs of the ‘claw’ they got in and were then taken HIGH above the stage to sit just under the claw…) I think they had some of the ‘best’ seats in the house!!! 

Testing out the equipment…

Before U2 came out.. the started showing random facts on the big screen… one of the people didn’t spell Winnipeg right!  (Bono came out and apologized and said we know you aren’t WINE-PEG!!) But there were a few ‘boos’ in the crowd… and also at one point they referred to the MB State (not sure where that is!)

I’m not sure where these stats came from.. but thought that the ‘blogs posts today’ was kind of interesting..

Anne and I posed for a photo…. (it was hard to get the WHOLE stage in because of where we were standing!)

The Snow birds came and flew over the stage before U2 came out… they circled the stadium a few times… it was really really cool!!!

I love this photo.. because it shows how many people were around!

The anticipation… smoke started.. and some music…. where are they going to come from? (the bridges moved during the concert.. and connected the main stage to the ramp outside of it)..

U2… does the walk to the stage… firsts glimpses on the big screen!

….The Edge… the first of many ‘walks’ on the ramp in front of me!

Bono looked at ME!!! (and i got a photo…)

Adam Clayton and The Edge…

Coming over the bridge… (I wasn’t the only one taking cell phone photos!) 

Bono singing in front of me…

Bono–I think one of the only people that can pull off sunglasses at night… but how does he see!?

The screen at one point in the concert separated.. and made this ‘honey-comb’ over the main stage… it was pretty awesome…. and looked way cool.. with the flashing lights…

The show went on with U2 playing ‘under’ the honey-comb… 

One last shot of Bono… (hmmm perhaps I was a bit star struck?) Although one of my co-workers was out for dinner and saw Bono (face to face) as she was leaving the same restaurant he was arriving at!

Larry Mullen Jr… takes his bongo on a walk around the ramp!

It was the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International.. and there was a really neat tribute to the work that Amnesty does in the world!

This was the end of the show… They did return to do an encore after a little video clip, animation thing!

All in all.. I had a blast thanks for coming with me Anne!  I danced and sang.. and loved it!! (ear plugs and all!)

*All the above photos were taken with my iPhone 3Gs or my first point and shoot digital camera it has 5.1 mega pixels of greatness!!!