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3 Years Ago…

Looking it was March 16th, 2009, that I boarded a plane from Toronto and headed north to Nunavut for the very first time.  I was wildly excited, and ready for the next adventure–but really had no clue what to expect.  Like most people when I got ready to move north…I talked with 3 friends that lived in Nunavut asked advice of what to bring, what to expect…got lots of information.  This did help me but really the real learning happened after I started to experience things first hand with just living!

When I left Yellowknife  on Tuesday to head north to Cambridge Bay I met a family that was relocating there from BC.  It was really neat to see their excitement, about their move- and I was reminded about some of those initial shocks that I had that aren’t shocking anymore as I talked with them!   As we talked, they mentioned how they had read my blog…and loved my kamiks.  They were really excited to see them in person! I wish them all the best as they settle into life in Cam Bay.

I just looked back on my old blog Newbie in the North where I wrote about some of those experiences from my early days.  Now this isn’t a three year anniversary of me living in the north.  It’s actually an 18month one!  As most of you know I had an 18month gap living in Winnipeg from January 2010 to June 2011.  I honestly can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve lived in Toronto and  lived in the same province as my family and friends. Honestly the past 3 years have gone by in a blink of an eye…

I’m excited to see what happens next in this adventure I like to call my life!

Spring Ahead Randomness…

Today the clocks sprung forward… I was actually pretty excited for the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day we will get.  (Although our days are increasing and soon we will have almost full 24hour sunlight!).  Other than the excess light, the temps have remained between -25 and -30C (dipping colder with wind-chills if you are out walking around!) I’m getting a wee bit jealous of people talking bout spring temps in the south…but am excited with the extra daylight hours!

Last week was pretty crazy in a good way…and now I’m travelling for work again… as I write this I’m in a hotel in Iqaluit.  I’m reminded of how this hotel is so not sound proof: footsteps above me (that sound like a herd of elephants walking on my head), water pipes running as people shower… and the voices in the hall! But being a hotel has been nice to do some ‘updates’ for my computer that I’ve needed!

Last week a friend was in Pang, before she left her daughter drew a mini-picture of herself and sent it with her mum.  I took some photos of my friend holding her daughter’s self-portrait and then I wanted to get a photo with me holding ‘mini-Laura’.

I’ll probably be blogging as I travel, but not 100% sure of internet access.  Tomorrow night I head south-west after a brief stop-over, then head further west, to Yellowknife, NWT.

Hello, Moon…

It’s November and it’s almost like there’s been an official SWITCH in our weather!  (Or maybe I’m just slow to notice it…) There are two things I’d like to share with you all.  The first being the amount of daylight the days are getting shorter.  If you ever want to check Pangnirtung’s weather.. head over to the Environment Canada’s website .  It has all kind of fun facts, like a forecast and temps and also times of sunset/sunrise.

Random Fact 1: Today the sun rose at 8:26am.  (Maybe that’s why I had a hard time getting out of bed, and hit snooze for so long!?)

Random Fact 2: Today the sunset at 3:49. (So walking home from work… I got to see the moon rise up from the hills!)

This weekend when the time ‘falls back’ an hour… the benefit will only be seen for a short period of time…as we are still loosing about 8mins of sunlight a day.  I’m ok with this… I just feel sleepy all the time!  (It’s a good thing that it’s cold…because it’s perfect for hibernating a bit).  Now don’t you worry I do take vitamin D + other vitamins regularly and also intend to get some sun-therapy at some point before the year ends!

The other thing I’ve noticed…it’s definitely starting to get cold up here!  As I was typing this.. Toronto’s Global News was in the background.  I started to laugh because the weather report just started.  Anthony Farnell just told everyone, “You may need your hats, mitts and scarves tomorrow morning because it will be cold in the morning” (My eyes go to the TV screen–it shows that overnight Toronto will dip down to a low of 0).

I guess my idea of ‘cold’ and Toronto’s idea of ‘cold’ are a bit different!  Because currently right now the website is telling me that it’s currently -15C here…(with the windchill)…and I’m just starting to say it’s cold!  I hope all my friends in Toronto bundle up well.. as they start their day off tomorrow around 0!


Home, Sweet, Home…

Well I’m finally unpacked… and my 2bedroom house has become my home!  I thought I’d share some photos..(family and friends have asked)! So sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of my house!

The photo on the upper left is my ‘boot’ room..or front door!  Usually I keep the door closed so that when it gets really cold, the coldness doesn’t come right into you house… and there’s lots of room for storage!  I have a bin for hats, mitts and scarves… plus the two jackets I’ve been wearing lately.  On the upper right the photo is right at the of the boot room looking into my living room and kitchen up the stairs!

The bottom left shows my living room… and how you can look up into the kitchen! And the photo in the bottom right is a similar photo to the one I posted for Day 5, looking down from the kitchen into the living room~ just for a note… my house came furnished, but I brought up the rug, IKEA tube light, and two white shelves when I came!

If you turned right when you come into my house you would walk into my spare bedroom!  My spare room has turned into an ‘exercise’ room…I’m loving my treadmill, and I can still watch TV while I’m working out!  I have to wait for bed rails for my bed before I can put the rug on the floor!  (and if you are wondering my bike is still in the box…I have to put it together, but with all the snow outside…it hasn’t been a priority!)

Here’s a shot of my kitchen… there always seems to be dishes around my sink… today they just happen to be CLEAN! hehehe

Looking down towards the living room…. that open door is my bathroom! 

Across from the bathroom (before my bedroom room)… there’s a double door that has shelves for linens and storage on one side–(it was kind of messy so you don’t get to see that!) and on the other side laundry!  The top photo was taken with me standing in the bathroom door… the bottom photo is a shot of my bathroom… nothing really out of the ordinary with it–tub/shower, toilet, sink!  

Here’s my bedroom… the only room that has carpeting! It’s in pretty rough shape..I’ve asked that housing take it out and put tiles in like the rest of the house..but that takes time! I’m pretty glad that my mum found those dark blue curtains–they will help with the 24hour sunlight next spring/summer.  When I lived here in 2009 I ended up just tin-foiling my window to keep the sunlight out, glad I don’t have to do that this time!   I have a closet space in the corner…I still have to hang my IKEA start lights…and maybe another photo or something!  

So that’s my little house in the Arctic.  Hope you enjoyed the tour… I’m thankful I’m all settled, as with the weather we’ve been having (snow and wind) it’s nice to have a comfy-cozy place to call home!

30 Day Challenge: Day 21, 22 & 23

Day 21: Faceless self-portrait…

After I took this photo I looked at it and couldn’t believe how long my hair has gotten!  I suppose that’s what happens when the last time you cut it was at the very beginning of July! I have a few more months until I had south and find a hair dresser in the Tdot to cut it…

Day 22: Hands…

Little hands are always so busy… moving and grabbing things… ready to give a high-five…and then dig into food in the next moment!

I decided to share this other photo… it’s one I took in September of 2003, during a spring hike in the Glasshouse Mountains, Queensland, Australia.  I had been hiking with my friend and her two daughters who were 5 and 3… I saw the branch and took 3 photos with my SLR (which was film)… the first photo was just of the gum tree branch, the next was of her youngest daughter holding the branch, and then the final photo was this one.  It’s one of my favourite photos I’ve taken!

Day 23: Sunflare… 

Well today it looked like THIS all day long….

…lots of snow (at times I didn’t even get to see those houses on the other side of the river!) Because I didn’t see the sun… I looked back in my photos and found one that had a bunch of sun in it… if it’s a sunflare or not that’s for you to judge!

Pangnirtung Fiord- April 4, 2009

I can’t believe that there’s only 7 days left to take photos!  Remember the list of other people participating can be found HERE!